Jerusalem Mediterranean Towers – Experience your best years in a unique Jerusalem atmosphere

n recent years, a vibrant community has been built, veteran Jerusalemites and new immigrants who came to enjoy diverse content and active social life in the Jerusalem house. How can you join:

 Image for illustrative purposes only (photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)
Image for illustrative purposes only
(photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)

Even in the third age it is possible to maintain your lifestyle, community life and independence and to keep doing the activities that interest you.

The residence in Jerusalem, part of the Mediterranean Towers chain, offers sheltered housing with a strong and quality community, along with the highest standard of service in the city.

The residence in Jerusalem gives you the opportunity to experience and fulfill everything you haven’t had the time to do yet, or to continue what you’ve been doing over the years, in the diverse and wonderful community that has come together in the residence, which takes care to build for itself an exciting present and a fascinating future.

What makes the Mediterranean Towers’ Jerusalem residence the preferred option for seniors from Jerusalem and the surrounding area?

It's time to join an independent and vibrant community

The third age population in Jerusalem is a mix of senior citizens who took part in Jerusalem's glorious heritage, Jews who immigrated and settled in the city, retirees from the public service sector, and also freelancers who retired after rich and fascinating careers.

The residents of the House in Jerusalem, which was launched six years ago, have in recent years formed a rich, independent, and extremely diverse community life. From a unique community book, lectures given by the tenants in their respective areas of expertise, through joint sports activities, such as participating in the Jerusalem Marathon, to fascinating cultural events - members of the House in Jerusalem community maintain a vibrant community throughout.

The house's tenants enjoy, on the one hand, a variety of enriching content and social activities, and, on the other hand, complete independence and a direct connection to the city, due to the residence’s central location in the Arnona neighborhood. The residence itself has a whole world of content, while the whole city is there for the taking, with the cafes, restaurants, markets, and shops of Jerusalem.

Moving to the Home in Jerusalem is synonymous with choosing a unique Jerusalem quality of life, without losing the urban experience.

Intimate atmosphere, a response to every need and a warm attitude toward every tenant

When you enter the doors of the residence, which has a luxurious and prominent design outside, you will discover inside a boutique house with an intimate atmosphere, luxurious and spacious apartments, and a smart design that strives to create privacy alongside an atmosphere of sharing. The limited number of apartments creates a cohesive community of tenants who love to live life.

The resident’s dedicated staff gives warm and personal treatment to each and every tenant, listens to every request and question, and takes care of the residents of the house around the clock. The service, care and dedication are part of the DNA of the Mediterranean Towers chain and of the home in Jerusalem.

A new standard in sheltered housing, by the leading network in Israel

The Mediterranean Towers chain is the leading and largest chain in Israel in the field of sheltered housing, with seven homes throughout the country. The network is known for its diverse social activities, standard of construction and service, and its creative initiatives to maintain quality of life and interests at any age.

Among other things, the chain conducts nationwide activities in which tenants from all residences take part, such as a dance conference, song evenings and sporting events.

If you are looking to live the Jerusalem experience, which provides comfort and pampering at this stage of life, it's time to utilize this opportunity to the fullest, experience and fulfill old or new dreams at the Home in Jerusalem.

It is time to realize that sheltered housing can continue and even improve life, develop it and discover areas of interest and hobbies that you haven’t yet dreamed of, or to realize what you have been dreaming about all these years.

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This article was written in cooperation with Mediterranean Towers