Kieran O’Brien- the impact of digitization on the automotive industry

 (photo credit: KIERAN O'BRIEN)
(photo credit: KIERAN O'BRIEN)

Digitization has affected almost all industries throughout the world as technology develops beyond our wildest dreams. Advanced technology has largely increased the automotive industry’s profitability, and it’s likely that this trend will continue as technological advances take place. Kieran O’Brien is both an expert on technology and a car aficionado, and he has a great deal of knowledge about how digitization will affect the automotive industry.

One of the main ways that the industry has changed due to technology is the way that people buy cars. Before the internet, buyers had to enter the car dealership without any knowledge, which allowed some unsavory car salesmen to take advantage of them and sell them cars for inflated prices. “Now, you can use websites like TrueCar or Edmunds to look up the true value of a car and use this in the negotiations process,” O’Brien said. “This allows consumers to get better deals and invest in a car that’s in great shape.” This doesn’t just apply to used cars, either. Buyers can research features of new cars and determine which vehicles they’re looking at before they even enter a showroom. “When I bought my Audi R8 V10, I think I knew more about it than the salesperson. I wanted to do my research before I bought an expensive car, and the internet allowed me to do that.” Virtual showrooms are another trend in the car buying process. Virtual Audi showrooms are popping up around the world. They only stock a few cars but allow customers to find relevant buying information on video screens. Some even let you hear the sounds your vehicle will make. “I think this is a sleek way to buy a car, and as long as there are some models in the showroom, it’s great to have all of this information laid out in such a classy way.”

While the ways to buy a car are changing, the actual cars are changing, too. Experts believe that self-driving cars will be on the market in a few years with advanced safety features. As long as we have time to iron out the kinks, these vehicles could have a massive impact on life as we know it. These cars will save Americans over one trillion dollars by reducing accidents and lowering insurance costs. Plus, experts predict that these vehicles will save more than 900,000 lives. “While I love driving, I’m so excited for these self-driving cars. I think they’ll change the landscape and offer more features than we have now.” While completely self-driving cars will take more time, current vehicles are including more autonomous driving features, like lane correction or blind spot detection. “I’ll never object to more bells and whistles being part of my vehicle, as long as it still looks and runs great.”

Like the rest of our cultural landscape, the automotive industry is transforming before our eyes, becoming more technologically advanced and digitally sound. With experts like Kieran O’Brien on board, it won’t take too long before these features really take off.