Lawyer Mike Mandell makes name for himself as the #1 lawyer on social media

  (photo credit: Mike Mandell)
(photo credit: Mike Mandell)

In today's social media-obsessed world, you can discover social media stars in places where you wouldn’t typically expect. When one thinks about the law, one may not think about engaging and entertaining content. However, that is precisely what lawyer Mike Mandell, better known by his social media handle, Law by Mike, achieves across multiple platforms. 

With an impressive following on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, Mike serves up legal tips and information via means that draw in viewers, and actually get them excited about learning about the law. He comments on popular legal issues, debunks common incorrect assumptions, and demystifies legalese for those of us who’ve never attended law school.  Over 9 million people follow Law by Mike on the combined social media platforms. 

Mike comes from a family of lawyers — his father even runs a firm with his uncle. Mike knew what profession he would choose when he graduated from the University of Southern California Annenberg School of Communications in 2009 and headed off to Duke University Law School. After earning his degree, Mike began his career as a lawyer treating clients like people and approaching the law with them collaboratively.

Mike wasted no time making a name for himself. His novel approach to explaining challenging concepts to his clients quickly set him apart from other lawyers. While working with his family's law firm, Mike began participating in social media and connecting with a broader audience. 

"Of course, I recognized I was traveling down an unknown business avenue when I focused on developing my social media presence," he told Ocean Drive, "but it clicked with my desire to communicate genuinely with clients."

He began by developing a few well-researched videos that included tips about personal injury, class action lawsuits, and criminal defense cases, presenting each in a straightforward way. Mike soon realized he was meeting a previously unfulfilled need. Presenting the law in a way that was easy to understand and fun to follow resonated with people, and Mike found his calling as a law-centered social media star. 

Starting in November 2020, Mike’s videos quickly caught the attention of millions of followers. Many went viral. Due to the staggering number of legal inquiries from his followers, Mike left his family’s firm to open up his own firm, Mandell Law. Mandell Law continues to flourish and assists clients across the United States (through a trusted network of attorneys) on a variety of cases including personal injury, sexual abuse and harassment, workplace injury, and criminal defense.

"I quickly realized I had tapped into something much more significant than growing a personal client base," Mike said. His version of infotainment has positioned him to be an influencer and an educator, sort of the “Bill Nye of Law.” 

Still, for all of the fun that Mike is having as an influencer in the law space, he has a grander vision for his career and contributions to society — he is looking to change the face of law advocacy. 

"Law provides the structure that allows societies to function," he said. "However, many people understandably feel confused by the legal system's complexity. Even the accompanying terminology often makes understanding the law impossible without expensive professional support."

By incorporating pop culture, humor, and a hefty dose of expertise, Mike makes the law accessible and removes anxiety many people feel about their understanding of how our judicial system works.

Mike knew he had a gift for communication even in his undergrad days at USC. His persuasion and public speaking skills made him an effective lawyer, and a perfect fit for social media influencing in the legal space. 

Law by Mike is a veritable online sensation, and he continues to amplify his message on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. He hopes to keep the entertaining videos and posts coming, reaching audiences far and wide, and helping people get a handle on complicated law topics. 

"I believe the law belongs to all of us," he said, "Lawyers should endeavor to make the law accessible to anyone."

This article was written in cooperation with Mike Mandell