Map to Earn: earn OVR by scanning locations with your smartphone

Goal: To create a detailed 3D map of the OVRLand NFT AR Metaverse

  (photo credit: OVR)
(photo credit: OVR)

OVR invites its users to participate in Map to Earn, which allows them to earn OVR tokens by simply scanning locations with their smartphones. 

The goal of this previously tested earning opportunity is precisely to jointly create the first detailed 3D map of the physical world on the blockchain. With OVR Land Mapping, in fact, the AR Metaverse of OVRLand NFT will touch a whole new level. 

Map to Earn OVR: what it is and how it works 

Thanks to its technology, OVR is able to unleash the potential of Map to Earn. Basically, a crowd of OVRLand Mappers will be able to earn OVR tokens by simply scanning physical locations with the smartphone in their pocket. 

It's a formula that already in the last year has reportedly resulted in 300,000 square kilometres mapped by "treasure hunters" who have physically gone to over a million locations to collect OVR tokens. 

The only difference, compared to the previous time, is that mappers will now be able to scan much more easily. In fact, thanks to the powers of Artificial Intelligence (AI), there will be no need to use lidar or other expensive HW to participate in this Map to Earn. 

Instead, all that will be required is to take pictures with the most common tool of the moment, the smartphone. In this way, there is no discrimination and all OVR users can potentially contribute to creating the largest detailed 3D map in the real world.

Map to Earn: what to photograph and how the project is funded

The choice of places to scan has also been democratized in OVR. How? Essentially, buyers of OVRLand NFTs generated a map based on the "Wisdom of the Crowds", 6k+ investors voting with their wealth on the most important locations in the world.

The Map to Earn project is funded by OVR, using proceeds from OVRLand sales. At the same time, owners of OVRLand NFTs will be able to decide whether to make their NFTs even more valuable and usable by adding 3D mapping. Not only that, institutions will also be able to leverage the OVR platform to populate the public utility layer of their territories. 

The Map to Earn is the advanced version of play-to-earn that Axie Infinity demonstrated the potential of. Indeed, it has enabled a crowd of players to earn a living in the Metaverse, while creating social inclusion among some of the poorest people on our planet. 

OVR's AR Metaverse: democratization and social inclusion

OVR's AR Metaverse for the creation of the world's most detailed 3D map is structured around two basic principles: democratization and social inclusion. 

In this regard, Davide Cuttini, CEO of OVR describes his thoughts as follows:

"When I imagine a world where reality and virtuality are fused, where thanks to small contact lenses I can’t distinguish real and unreal projections, the crowdsourced 3D world scanning is the fundamental brick to create an amazing new infrastructure. Without the complete understanding of the real world through AI models available from commodity devices, no AR platforms will see a real adoption. I think that OVR is in the right direction to democratize access to this amazing new way to live our lives!”.

The new OVR AR Metaverse with OVR Land Mapping will push its own limits of accuracy. As a matter of fact, at present, when geolocating an AR asset in an OVRLand, there is the limitation of GPS accuracy, usually not better than 6 meters.

Now, however, a scanned OVRLand will have a location accuracy of up to 20 cm. This opens up a whole new realm of opportunities in creating AR experiences that were not technically feasible before: locating experiences on a specific wall or outdoor statue, accurately overlaying AR on existing buildings, geolocating assets indoors and on multiple floors, to name a few... 

No other platform in the blockchain, nor in the traditional world, can currently achieve this.

This article was written in cooperation with Sachin Negi