Meet Olivia Molina, connecting business acumen and passion as an influential woman entrepreneur

Olivia Molina is the epitome of grace and brilliance mixed together and the proof is her successful ventures.

 (photo credit: OLIVIA MOLINA)
(photo credit: OLIVIA MOLINA)

It is very surreal to know and learn about all those people who exude strong qualities and virtues to not only pass the hurdles in their life but also transform into a stronger and resilient individual even after going through so much in life. All these individuals in ways more than one try and inspire many others all across the world. Olivia Molina is one such rising name in the entrepreneurial world who has seen it all before she could make it this huge today as a mompreneur, model and even an actress.

Being the granddaughter of Presidents, this beauty had ingrained in her true principles and values that made her distinctive from girls her age since the beginning. Olivia Molina was born in Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina and little did she know then life would turn out be quite a struggle for her from a very early age. However, with her aim to start her career early and do something big, after school, she studied for a year to become a bartender and went to Playa del Carmen Mexico where she worked in Senor Frogs bartending.

One thing led to another and Olivia Molina found interest and excitement in makeup and hence studied to become a makeup artist. Later, she started buying supplies from China and retailed in Argentina. In 2015, she got married; however, tragedy struck and her husband killed himself. This incident then took Olivia Molina to Canada, but luck did not favour her even here as she got into an abusive relationship with a guy. Post this, Olivia Molina married again, to the owner of CR Models Agency and did production and scouting of models for him. Learning through the process, she began working upon starting her own image models and matchmaking and concierge company after moving to Europe, which ultimately made 1 million. While gaining experiences at the modelling agency, many casting directors and producers also offered Olivia Molina roles as an actress, which led her to the famous soap opera – Patito Feo. Playing the role of Felicitas Olga gave her great recognition and name in the industry. In the past, she had also done several modelling assignments and gained great confidence to be on the ramp and in front of the camera.

Leaving Argentina, Olivia Molina today, also owns her company named 'Blue Ocean Services' in Dubai, which is a rising tourism and concierge company that has already given her a net worth of 500k a year. She moved to LA to start a family and has become a mom to a two months old kid.

Currently, she has also started a new business called MAIN SQUEEZE, 2727 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA ( which is an organic and vegan juice and smoothie bar in California. She has also been inspired by a book named “The failing early and failing often: How to turn your adversities into advantages”. To know more about this beauty and intelligent mompreneur, follow her on Instagram @molina.oliviaa.