Mike Bartholomew on how social media is intrinsic to rapid business growth

Self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur Mike Bartholomew has lofty ambitions.

 (photo credit: MIKE BARTHOLOMEW)
(photo credit: MIKE BARTHOLOMEW)
Self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur Mike Bartholomew has lofty ambitions. Having established a fierce reputation for taming the beast that is social media Bartholomew is on the fast track to becoming a millionaire before he hits his thirtieth birthday.

But to consider money the sole motivating factor for the marketing and social media master couldn't be farther from the truth. Driven by staunch integrity (Bartholomew asserts that he and his company, "don't overpromise and underdeliver") and a refusal to lead a mediocre life, Bartholomew has harnessed the power of social media in launching --and sustaining-- his wildly successful career.

Having grown up in a crime-ridden city in California, only to relocate to a charming but decidedly unambitious small town in Idaho, Bartholomew openly shares how both environs fueled his passion for building his thriving marketing career, "Settling for less wasn't an option for me. I had the mindset of knowing that I don't have to be a product of my environment and that I can create wealth from anywhere in the world right at my fingertips."

Mastering social media with its fickle and every changing algorithms is no easy feat. But that doesn't mean shying away from it is the answer either. Bartholomew reflects that when it comes to using social media as a tool to scale up business it's still almost seen as a "taboo".

But without the powerful reach of social media platforms and influencers businesses like Bartholomew's, that refuse to be shackled to mediocrity, would face far more obstacles in their rise to the top.

Authenticity and integrity is key, however. Without those two forces, social media for businesses wouldn't make nearly the same impression, or have as high and stong of a reach. Dedication and timeliness are two other elements that factor in as well. Being a "tomorrow person" can mean the difference between losing the game at best, and never making it to what Bartholomew calls the "1% club" at worst.

Increasing online exposure and social media presence are some of the best ways to put into practice Bartholomew's mantra: taking risks and tackling new challenges with a fearless state of mind.

It's through linking in to the social media networks that businesses and entrepreneurs who, like Bartholomew, consider themselves destined for more, can take the first leap towards boosting their reputations, cementing their high integrity and amassing financial success and freedom.