NBA playoffs: Which teams should you go and see?

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Playoff basketball is the most exciting games in the NBA. The best of the best face off in the knockout rounds to fight for their place in the finals. 

People from all around the world, not just in America and Canada, will tune in for these exhilarating games. Many checking the NBA championship odds and following the teams to get an idea of the best bets going forward.

For fans of the league with no real allegiances to specific teams, there are some enjoyable and entertaining teams ready to thrill you once again in this year’s NBA Playoffs.

Milwaukee Bucks

With the “Greek Freak” they are always a favorite going into any matchup. Giannis Antetokounmpo is arguably on of the best players on the planet and helped his side to first in the Eastern Conference this season making it five in a row on top from the regular season.

They lifted the Championship in 2021 and will be hoping to get their way back to the finals this season after missing out in 2022.

Fans are welcomed by more than 30 concession stands offering a wide range of different foods and drinks to enjoy while you watch the game. There is plenty of areas to enjoy the game like at the Panorama Club which offers curving, white leather sofas to watch the game in style with a clubby, retro vibe. They also have plenty of space in a series of luxe lounges to gather which are available to all ticket holders.

Golden State Warriors

Last season champions are back at it again with Steph Curry at the helm, and they want to make this year a repeat with another championship. They only came in sixth in the Western Conference during the regular season, but they know the playoffs is where it really counts.

The team spent $1.4 billion on the Chase Center after leaving Oakland in moving to San Francisco in 2019. It is the newest and most expensive stadium in the NBA with everything being brand new and state of the art. 

It is certainly an incredible venue to take in a game and enjoy luxury surroundings with some of the best basketball on offer in the league.

New York Knicks

The Big Apple is a destination in itself, and Maddison Square Garden is a venue people from all over the world dream of attending.

The Knicks are back in the playoffs after missing out last season and have been hitting a groove which could see them continue to progress. 

While there may be a number of “Gardens” in the NBA and sports as a whole, the is only one which can be called “The Garden”. It is considered one of the greatest venues to experience in sport, not just in the NBA, and its history as the home to the Knicks has seen bumper crowds and great experiences for fans despite many years of poor form.

Boston Celtics

America’s most successful NBA side missed out on the Eastern Conference title to the Milwaukee Bucks this season and suffered defeat in the final last season to the Golden State Warriors. 

TD Garden is steeped in Boston history and despite having had a number of upgrades over the years, still holds a lot of history, including all their winners’ banners hanging from the rafters.

Boston fans create one hell of an atmosphere, and few cities can compare with their passion for their home teams, especially the Celtics. If you’re catching a live game, there is a subway station just below the stadium making it easily accessible too as an added bonus.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers share their stadium with the LA Clippers and the former Staples Center has now been renamed the Arena.

With stars like LeBron James, the Lakers underperformed somewhat to only reach seventh in the Western Conference in the regular season.

Their home fans will often make the Arena seem like there is twice as many people there than it can fit, with their passionate and vocal support throughout the games. The Crypto.Com Arena is a high-profile venue with a lot of history, not just with the NBA, but in NHL and as a music venue.

FTX Arena

The Miami Heat have had some highs and lows in the NBA, but they are back in the playoffs this season and looking to cause an upset where they can.

If you’re lucky enough to get to the FTX Arena on game day, you’ll experience a unique vibe that fits the style of Miami perfectly. There are art-installations around the venue as well as a nightclub for post-game fun which ensures you can enjoy many hours being entertained by the game as well as the venues attractions.

NBA fans whip up a hell of an atmosphere that the players enjoy and hype up as well to help them to get wins on the board, it’s a don’t miss activity for your bucket list for sure.

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