Oceanview Manor Home For Adults 2020 - A new model of Assisted Living

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
About 800,0000 older Americans live in assisted care Homes. Assisted care homes are not nursing homes; they do not provide bedside care or 24/7 medical assistance. Instead, these Homes provide a much-needed bridge between living independently at home and in nursing homes. Assisted living offers residents the safety and support they need, while still providing many of the comforts of home.

There are over 20,000 assisted homes around the United States, each having their own character and level of care. Having a family member choose to live in a Home, particularly in these times of the pandemic, can be a cause of concern, and add additional stress. Everyone wants their senior family members to be safe and have the best care possible.

Like their families, Oceanview Manor Home For Adults also has its resident's best interests at heart. There are ways to provide quality care, including during a pandemic. Oceanview has put together a plan of action that meets all infection control guidance and reinforces sanitizing and cleaning protocols.

"The Oceanview Manor Formula"

Here is a list of just some of the many actions Oceanview Manor Home for Adults has implemented handle the circumstances:

  • All visitations have been suspended unless they are medically necessary or involving situations concerning the end of life. Visitors who do come to the home under these conditions must have a health screening before entering.
  • Staff and health care professionals undergo mandatory health screenings before the start of each shift.
  • Safety and infection control protocols have been implemented. The procedures include mandating that all the staff members and healthcare personnel wear face masks and practice hand hygiene. Staff practices and encourages social distancing throughout the Home.

Oceanview Manor prides itself on our recreation and group activity programs; however, due to the current situation, activities are modified to fit current safety needs. Activities are essential to prevent depression, cognitive decline, and feelings of isolation. Oceanview has been creative in continuing our activity and socialization programs.

Oceanview continues to come up with creative ways to help our residents feel connected. For example, we still had Bingo night - we just arranged to have disposable cards and numbers called off over the loudspeaker so that everyone could stay in their room. We did the same with exercise. We conducted morning exercises on each floor, so residents could still take part with their doors open, even though they were socially distancing in their rooms. And although visitations have been suspended, Oceanview wants residents to feel connected to loved ones and family. Our staff has been helping with arranging video calls.

Oceanview Manor's goal is to keep residents entertained and active, mentally and physically. We offer a state-of-the-art telephone system, internet, and cable television, and craft supplies that can be delivered right to the resident's room. There are attractive outdoor spaces where residents can enjoy the beautiful ocean views.

In these trying times, the home puts in "a maximum amount of effort so that residents have some normalcy," Lisa Vider says. As a result of the creative actions that Oceanview Manor took to handle the new reality, the assisted home environment is a pleasant place to be.

Advantages to Assisted Living Homes in 2020

Many senior adults need assistance with the activities of daily living.

For example, some of the services Oceanview Manor for Adults offers:

  • Housekeeping and laundry - including washing, cleaning, and ironing clothing and bedding.
  • Meal preparation - providing cooked meals and nutritious snacks.
  • Getting dressed and personal grooming - the staff aids with dressing and undressing, showering, body and hair care.
  • Prescription management - Oceanview helps residents manage their medications, keep prescriptions up to date, and will work with the resident's doctor to create a proper medication schedule.
These services can be managed in one safe location by trained staff. Residents can get the care they need, right in their Home, without having to leave or go to a doctor's office. Family members who might have been exposed don't have to worry about infecting their senior relatives. Everyone can feel comfortable and safe.

The world will continue to adapt to the new reality of the virus. As it does, you can be sure that Oceanview Manor will keep prioritizing both compassion and care in all the decisions they make. Of course, our number one goal and guiding principle is to maximize residents' health and safety. In such times, assisted living homes have the opportunity to show their level of responsibility and accountability when it comes to decision making and care for all of the residents of our Home.

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