Our guide on made in Israel gifts

Traveling is one of the best ways to change your life! Each country is unique and has many things to offer.

  (photo credit: Israeli Center Of Judaica)
(photo credit: Israeli Center Of Judaica)

From spectacular views, engaging cultures, and Instagram-worthy adventures to food delicacies, each person has a lot to experience from places worldwide. 

It's best not to miss out on the little things you can enjoy in places like Israel. Israel is one of the most exciting places on the globe. Known for its deep roots and influence in religion, this center of faith offers more than the usual hype for travels. 

One of the highlights of Israel is its culture of gifts. No travel is ever complete without the little trinkets, food products, and special items that you can bring home to remind you of the destination. Let this guide help you learn more about the gifts made in Israel.

What items are made in Israel?

The real challenge in choosing gifts is narrowing down the items you want to buy in the Israeli Center of Judaica and Art. The culture of souvenirs never ends. No matter where you travel or which destination country you go to, souvenirs and goods are staple purchases for any traveller.

If it's your first time going to another country, it's best to buy items made in that country. Not only are you helping with their respective local economies, but you also get something authentic from their culture. In the case of Israel, these are the items that are made in Israel:

Jewelry and fine pieces

Israel is known for its jewelry pieces and sophisticated design pieces. In reality, almost all countries offer jewelry goods and fine metal products. Nevertheless, Israel offers some of the most intricate jewelry designs. Israeli Center of Judaica and Art has a wide selection of rings, pendants and necklaces.

Israeli Wine

No travel is ever complete without a taste of alcohol selection. Even in the Old Testament, wine is already a staple selection in households. In particular, Israel offers a lot of excellent wine that has been gaining traction over the past few years.

Pottery items

Israel is also known for its skill and trade in pottery. Ceramic pots and ware are not as easy to make as most people see. It takes a lot of patience and precision. Israel offers a lot of pottery items that you can take home.

What famous products are made in Israel?

If you're looking for more famous names and item brands that you can bring home, Israel also has a lot of global brands. Moreover, you may find out that some of your favorite brands are from Israel.


Sabon, which translates to "soap," is an international chain of cosmetics and soap products. Israel's Sabon is a retail industry giant in luxury bath soaps, body scrubs, and creams. In Israel, the products are sold under the brand Sabon Shel Pa'am, which means 'Soap from the past.'

Wissotzky Tea

Although tea is not the predominant product Israel is tied to, it has a huge brand called Wissotzky Tea. Wissotzky Tea offers a wide selection of tea like Black tea, Mint tea, and citrus tea, all from Israel.

Passover plates and Kiddush sets

Israel is always associated with religion. One of the favorite products made only in Israel are Passover plates and Kiddush sets. Passover plates or seder plates and Kiddush sets from the Israeli Center of Judaica and Art may be your next dinnerware for special dinners at home. Moreover, these products boast the highest quality sterling silver and fine metals.

What is a good Jewish gift?

Visits to Israel can allow you to select the best gift for a special someone or a beloved family member. Why not roam around and search for something memorable that is uniquely Israel?

One of the best Jewish gifts you can give is artwork. Israeli artists create and sell some of the most top-quality, Museum-quality artworks that look good in your recipient's home. Many sites like the Israeli Center of Judaica and Art sell the most beautiful Jewish paintings with a clear heritage of Israel's history and religious culture.

The center presents works from reputable artists whose name speaks of their products. Jewelers, artists and painters produce unique products that you can buy as gifts.

What do we buy in Israel?

Are you still confused about what to buy in Israel? You don't need to worry as Israel has a lot to offer to its tourists and travellers. If there's one thing that should always bring you back to Israel, it's the country's excellence in Olivewood Carving products. 

What is famous in Israel to buy?

Israeli Center of Judaica and Art is famous and is one of the household names for giving special gifts. The center hosts artistry products and artists that are one of a kind. If you want to buy something unique, handmade and special gifts, this is the center you should go to.

Some of the best things about getting gifts are value and specialty. Let your loved ones, family members, friends, or significant others feel the uniqueness of Israel by getting gifts in a place that’s one of a kind.

The center offers only the highest quality special gifts fit for all occasions. Whether you are looking for art pieces, pottery, jewels or literature, the  Israeli Center of Judaica and Art provides only carefully crafted gifts made with the best materials. 

Each artist has something different to offer, as such, you can’t find their products anywhere else globally. The center is built on the foundation of unparalleled skill and the highest levels of artistry and creativity. When you give a gift from these artists, the recipient is the only one in the world that has that item.

What you should not do in Israel?

All countries have their own culture and unspoken set of rules. It's always a good idea to perform research on the customs of each country to avoid doing the wrong things. It's a typical visitor or tourist etiquette to be courteous in a place that's home to another set of people. Here are some things you should not do in Israel:

Never ask for pork and shellfish cuisine in Kosher restaurants

Kosher restaurants are establishments that don't serve pork and shellfish cuisine. It's impolite to ask for any product or selection from such prohibitions. Be courteous and carefully select only the given food selection.

Never touch orthodox Jews from the opposite sex

Judaism is the predominant practice in Israel. An orthodox Jewish law prohibits physical contract with the opposite sex. Avoid making physical contact, or don't be surprised when an orthodox jew practices a slight social distancing from members of the opposite sex.

Don't be surprised to see armed soldiers casually

Both boys and girls are drafted into the defense forces when they turn 18. It's customary in Israel to have teenage boys and girls in uniform walking with a firearm. Don't panic and be relieved! These people are there to make sure everything is in order.

What is typical Israeli food?

No vacation is ever genuinely complete with immersion in local food selection. Brace yourself with these delightful Israeli food staples such as hummus, Israeli falafel and Tahini. Moreover, Israel always has a wide range of bread and pastry products present in family brunches.

This article was written in cooperation with Israeli Center Of Judaica