Our guide on silver candlesticks

One of the most common household items present in all places is candles. There are various candles available to match any occasion.

  (photo credit: Nadav Art.CO.IL)
(photo credit: Nadav Art.CO.IL)

People buy candles to celebrate and put on birthday cakes. Mothers buy candles as a spare light source for emergency blackouts. During sad occasions such as funerals and wakes, candles are the most prominent items that illuminate dark times. Candles are staple pieces in religious settings, such as churches and altars. 

Whereas candles are very common, candlesticks aren't. You may not have thought of a candlestick immediately when thinking about candles. Nevertheless, these items are essential accessories that go along with candles. While candles can stand on their own, having a candlestick helps prolong the use of any candle. Let this guide aid you in candlesticks and the right places to get high-quality candlesticks.

What is the difference between a candle and a candlestick?

Let's start with the basics first. The terms candle and candlestick seem synonymous. Nevertheless, these are two very different items. The reason people may confuse these two terms is because a candle is predominantly shaped into a stick, leaning toward the assumption that a candlestick is a candle. It's not, and they pertain to different things.

Candles are sticks or cylinders of wax with a wick on the upper end. In the old times, when there wasn't any electricity, people used candles to light up dark places. Candles have been some of the most common purchases for homes for centuries back. People use candles as a light source by using a fire, match or fire source to fire the wick. As the wick burns, the wax melts, prolonging the life of the burning wick on the end of the wax block.

Candles can come in various designs, colors and shapes. As such, it's one of the most creative and decorative accessories in any home. Don't limit candles to long white cylinders of wax. There are Christmas tree candles, glow-in-the-dark candles and even candles shaped like cartoon characters.

Candlesticks are the holders or the containers of the candles. Candlesticks are shaped like a long narrow jar with a cup or spike on the upper end. People put the candle inside the candlestick to contain the wax block. As the wax melts off the sides of a stick candle, the candle becomes more prone to falling. Silver candlesticks are available to hold these blocks until the fire consumes the entire wick.

A group of candlesticks on one base is known as a candelabrum. Another difference between a candle and a candlestick is that a candlestick is made of metal or a sturdier material compared to wax. One of the most popular and long-lasting candelabras is a sterling silver candlestick. Candlesticks are excellent centerpieces for fancy dinners and long dining table sets. People can purchase candlesticks in stores and online sites.

What are Shabbat candlesticks called?

Silver candlesticks are less frequently known as candleholders. If you have ever read the two terms, these words are synonymous. Many stores and sites can use both terms interchangeably as they mean the same thing. Another term you will also hear a lot is Shabbat candlesticks. 

Shabbat candlesticks hold Shabbat candles. There's a long history of lighting Shabbat candles, and there are many interpretations of Jewish religious text on the candle-lighting tradition. Essentially, lighting the candles is one way of honoring the day of rest for the Jews. By tradition, people light two Shabbat candles and use Shabbat candlesticks to hold these candles. This is also why the other term for Shabbat candlesticks is Sabbath candlesticks.

What do candlesticks mean?

Candlesticks are holders of any candle. The primary function of a candlestick is to ensure that the candle stays upright. When the candle falls, it can be a source of danger around. Candlesticks protect the base of the candle by having spikes or tight cups on the upper end where the candles stand. 

Many makers use silver candlesticks to offer the highest quality candlesticks and candelabras. However, you can always get other colors and use other metals like bronze or gold. Some candlesticks have an intricate design that showcases artistry, and others can come with a tray to ensure that candle wax doesn't fall on the direct surface below the candle.

How to clean silver candlesticks?

Candlesticks may be one of the "rarely-clean" items in any household. Because people frequently put candles all the time, the wax on the spike or cup builds up. You may block the candlestick with too much hard wax and render it useless if you leave it unclean for a long time. Follow these steps to clean a candlestick.

Step 1: Remove the candle from the candlestick. If there's a long candle on the cup, carefully take it out from the opening hole of the candlestick. If there's a leftover wick from the bottom of the candle, take it out.

Step 2: Remove all the melted wax from the candlestick. The sides and the cup must be filled with melted candle wax, especially if you didn't clean it for a long time. Remove the wax gently. Avoid using sharp objects as they may damage the beautiful surface of the silver candlestick. Use fire or a source of heat to turn the wax liquid and drip it from the candlestick.

Step 3: Disinfect or wash the candlestick with running water. Remember that the most beautiful candlestick surfaces shine and don't have signs of tarnish. Gently wash the item and let it dry before using another candle.

Where to buy candlesticks

Candlesticks are common items for purchase. Depending on the design you want or the theme you follow at home, you can visit stores and locations around Israel. Moreover, candlesticks are also available on e-commerce websites.

Israel is a master of creating candlesticks. The Holy City of Jerusalem creates the most beautiful, hand-made candlesticks for tourists. World-class artists like Avi Nadav create elegant pieces of the highest quality.

If you want to invest in the best candlesticks or give only the most memorable pieces, Nadav’s collection is the place to choose from. Avi Nadav’s candlesticks use only the best material, carefully designed with the most intricate styles. You can view the site nadavart.co.il silver candlesticks for these hand-crafted candlesticks fit for the most aesthetic setups.

This article was written in cooperation with Nadav Art.co.il