Prophecy Onasis, Las Vegas Tech Mogul Shares His Best Advice To Budding Entrepreneurs

 (photo credit: PROPHECY ONASIS)
(photo credit: PROPHECY ONASIS)

The growth of most enterprise companies can not be solely attributed to individuals but there are however proficient leaders at the helm powerful companies working tirelessly to make the impossible conceivable. 

There have been storied individuals with extraordinary ability in the world of tech and many are shy to share their knowledge. Prophecy Onasis is among these experts who have set a tone to give back from the start and use tech for the better with his inborn ardor and enthusiasm as a tech visionary at Vuuzle Media. 

Prophecy Onasis functions as CTO for Vuuzle Media Corporation, an organization that is fast rising to compete against the likes of Netflix and Hulu. With immense expertise in the areas of media and entertainment, Prophecy is a respected expert who rarely shares his deep insights and understanding of online marketing streaming strategies, until today. 

His expertise with monetizing short and long-structure video with programmatic publicizing has become a sought-after attribute that he is known for and today he shares a glimpse into the world that has built him such a storied career. 

Expanding Your Network

As the CTO at Vuuzle Media Corporation, Onasis has made numerous fruitful tech undertakings including Vuuzle TV, an OTT streaming platform, VUMU, a music streaming platform, and Clout9, a 3D content conveyance platform. 

These brands are becoming recognized on a global level and receiving worldwide acknowledgment. Recently Prophecy and his team winning the prestigious Verizon Brand Blazer Award is a testament to the great progress that is to come for this great company. 

Prophecy says that his ability to network with leading media companies at tech conferences is what has taken his company to the next level. 

Recall Your Underlying Foundations

Prophecy is quick to share from his over 20 years of experiences and asserts that those who succeed are those who have strong foundations. He accepts that the tech world is anything but a space for talkers with nothing to offer and that the foundations of every successful team must be strong.  He has led partnerships with such powerful companies like Verizon Media which he says is an honor. “We were invited to their headquarters in Los Angeles and were able to see The Nock, which is Verizon's central intelligence for all their streaming technology”

Prophecy acknowledges he hasn’t done it alone and credits achieving ground-breaking advancement in tech by first amassing a world-class team. He encourages everyone he meets to focus on team foundation first and build this into the DNA of company culture.