Rivka Zaide: Turning acne into a success story

Rivka Zeide (photo credit: PR)
Rivka Zeide
(photo credit: PR)

Rivka Zaide founded her dermatology empire 22 years ago. Her modern two-floor clinic in Bnei Brak employs 50 staff members. Behind Zaide’s healthy, radiant skin there was once a girl who suffered from acne. 

Where did you study?

I graduated in clinical cosmetology in Berlin, specializing in acne and post-acne treatments.

What makes your clinic unique?

The Rivka Zaide Clinic is the only center in Israel that specializes exclusively in acne and post-treatments. We are the only clinic in Israel that implements advanced photodynamic equipment with five different wavelengths. 

What do you specialize in?

I am a specialist in acne skin rehabilitation. Our acne treatment focuses on encouraging skin cell renewal processes in the inner layer of the skin.

Who works with you?

I work with Aharon Zaide, a scientist and businessman. He has a degree in pharmaceutical chemistry engineering, an MA in chemistry, and is studying for a PhD in biochemistry.

Tell us about your developments.

Together, we developed a natural and effective treatment for acne. We founded Rivka Zaide Laboratories, where the company's treatment pharmaceuticals and materials are produced.Our method has a 92% success rate and has changed the lives of people in Israel and around the world.

This article was written in cooperation with Rivka Zaide