Searching for the best Garage Door Repair companies in Dallas, TX

  (photo credit: My Garage Door Repairman)
(photo credit: My Garage Door Repairman)

Since recently moving to the Dallas area, we were in need of a new garage door service company. After doing some research on the internet we narrowed our list down to the top 4 that seemed to have the most reputable names and service quality.

Searching online we compared 4 companies, two of them really impressed us. The first garage door repair company was My Garage Door Repairman based in Dallas which had a great rep over the phone and the tech that arrived was prompt and professional. He went on some options for a repair but also suggested since the door was old that it might be the right choice to replace it. This was something we had already considered doing. The repair quote was decent, but we preferred the second option at this point.The second garage door company we researched was Supreme Garage Door Repair in Carrollton which offered us to come by and choose from different options on new doors.

We drove to Carrollton, Texas to check out Supreme Garage Door Repair, which we would definitely consider our best choice for a garage door company in Dallas Fort Worth!  Upon being greeted by one of their staff who answered a few of our initial questions, we were introduced to Ron Dahari, the owner of the company. After seeing that we had several topics to discuss, Ron ushered us into his office to have a seat and offered us coffee or soft drinks before we went over the topics that we wanted to discuss. He gave us a quick history of Supreme Garage Door Repair. He explained to us that they've been in business for almost 10 years in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, with satellite offices in Arlington, Allen, Irving, Fort Worth, Dallas, and of course, their main office right here in Carrollton. He explained that the satellite offices were for his technicians to be able to pick up parts or invoice books, so they did not have to drive all the way down here for administrative purposes; depending on where their work schedule had them on any given day. This way Ron and his team are able to hit the road running every day to serve their customers as quickly as possible in any of their garage door needs. 

During our visit to SGD (Supreme Garage Door Repair), Ron educated us on what is available in residential garage doors as well as what is the best fit for our new home (new to us, yet the home is 30 years old).  We discussed color, insulation, windows, and design styles.

  (credit: Supreme Garage Door repair) (credit: Supreme Garage Door repair)

We have decided to go with the SGD quote, which was decent compared to the others. We concluded Supreme Garage Door Repair will be the right choice and actually got our new door installed within a week! (** This is not always the case if you have a custom-designed door due to the continued supply shortages) The usual lead time to get a door today from every manufacturer is about 10-20 weeks! Crazy right? That is why Ron insisted on us going on a door selection that was in stock.

Overall experience with our Garage Door Repair was knowledgeable and reliable. Prices were competitive and work was professional. In this case, as a customer I don't seek more, and from the options on the market and the experience we received, we would put them as our first choice for service or door installation.

During our conversation, Ron brought to our attention the newest division at Supreme Garage Doors.... SGD springs! 

  (credit: SGD Springs) (credit: SGD Springs)

It’s no secret that Covid hit all of us and continues to hit the service industries. From shipping to manufacturing, to staffing. Sadly, many service/repair companies have folded due to these struggles all over the USA and the world. if you were a garage door service company or a door manufacturer you couldn't get garage door springs. That gap between supply and demand gave Ron the opportunity to found SGD Springs and start the new division.SGD springs has partnered with spring manufacturers to provide top-quality garage door torsion springs to other garage door service companies and manufacturers nationwide at a much faster turnaround time than any other provider is currently able to do and at prices, no one can beat. Along with the faster turnaround time, SGD Springs provides the best, top-quality springs on the market in all standard sizes, and very soon they will be capable of providing custom sizes, cut to order.

We are always happy to see local businesses thriving and growing. That assures our economic growth and helps people find more Jobs locally.

Our journey with SGD was definitely a success. We also discovered Supreme Garage Door repair has another 3 locations in Minnesota servicing the twin cities' residents as well as the main one in downtown Minneapolis, the second in Hugo, and the third in Mankato MN.

This article was written in cooperation with Perfect artAlso reported in Chiang Rai Times