Should You Have a Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah in Israel?

Those are the types of memories that will last a lifetime for you, and your children.

Bar Mitzvah with Shin Tours (photo credit: RONI OZ RAIZNER)
Bar Mitzvah with Shin Tours
(photo credit: RONI OZ RAIZNER)
What kind of life do you want to provide for your kids?
From the day they were born you’ve invested time, energy, and love caring for them.  You’ve watched as their interests, personality, and experiences blended together into a unique individual: your child.
And now it’s time for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah!  Can you believe it?
Well mom and dad, once again you have to make a decision that will impact their identity.  Should you have their Bar/Bat Mitzvah at home, or in Israel?
Speak with a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Travel Consultant to learn more.  They’ve all planned Bar/Bat Mitzvahs for their own children in Israel.
If you want to be certain you’ve connected your kids to their Jewish heritage, shown them how the past can shape their future, and make them proud of their Jewish identity - then the answer is a resounding yes!
From The Heart, Not Obligation
How you celebrate a Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Israel is really up to you.  You can have a traditional Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or make changes to the day that fit your style.  After all, this isn’t some kind of laborious obligation to you, it’s an outpouring of love for your son or daughter. 
Recognizing this, many Rabbis in Israel are willing to accommodate special requests.  For example, it is becoming common for Rabbis to perform parts (or sometimes all) of the ceremony in English instead of Hebrew.
While flexibility is becoming mainstream, nearly all parents still want their child to read from the Torah.  Some however are choosing different venues. Imagine listening to your child read the scriptures standing at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, or Masada, or the 1,500 year old synagogue of Ein Gedi!
Those are the types of memories that will last a lifetime for you, and your children.

Planning Made Simple:
We believe planning a Bar/Bat Mitzvah should be an enjoyable and fun time.  Most families plan a vacation around the Bar/Bat Mitzvah, so it’s natural to find a tour company to help you out.
Finding the right company however can be a daunting task.  Here are some tips to help you find the right one.
First, make sure the company you hire takes stress off your plate, but ultimately leaves you in the driver’s seat.  You don’t want to be forced into doing anything you don’t want to do.
The first thing they should do is discover the outcome you want from the trip.  Asaf Peled from Shin Luxury Tours puts it best when he says:
“Tour Companies need to take responsibility for everything during your trip.  You and your family deserve to be treated like guests of honor from the moment your plane touches ground, to the moment it takes off”.
That is the kind of treatment you should expect if you want to enjoy time with family, and not worry about every small detail that will need to be addressed during your trip.
Lastly, make sure everyone in your family is impacted by your time in Israel.  Especially your Bar/Bat Mitzvah son or daughter. You want them going home inspired and proud of their Jewish identity.
“You should not travel all the way to the Holiest place on earth” Asaf continued, “and go home the same as you when you came.  If some part of you isn’t changed, or deeply moved by your time here, then what was the point?”
Bat Mitzvah with Shin Tours (RONI OZ RAIZNER)Bat Mitzvah with Shin Tours (RONI OZ RAIZNER)
Something To Be Proud Of.
It is impossible to fully understand what it means to be Jewish without visiting Israel.  There, I said it.
The Israeli army liberated Jerusalem in 1967 during the Six-Day War.  It is a deeply moving experience teaching children the significance of the event, and then introducing them to one of the soldiers who was a part of it, during their Bar/Bat Mitzvah trip.
Your kids will also hear Hebrew while in Israel, and learn a few words too!  Language is a window into culture. It is so much fun watching kids connect to the heritage by speaking a little Hebrew with the locals.
And did you know that Israel has more startups per capita than any other nation in the world?  We share a national belief that it is our obligation to make the world a better place, and it stems from Judaism.
Israeli companies have pulled water out of thin air (literally, solving a major fresh water crisis), helped the visually impaired see, and enabled the paralyzed to walk.  You can visit the Center for Israeli Innovation to learn all about it while you’re here.
When you expose your children to all these people and achievements, our national sense of pride is bound to rub off on them.
To learn more about how to pass along your Jewish heritage to your children, download your free ebook: 5 ways to connect your child to their Jewish heritage.

A Fun Family Vacation
Remember, your son or daughter’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah isn’t just a ceremony to them.  It’s a birthday! The Bar/Bat Mitzvah trip has to be fun.
Besides the archeological sites, you can go to the beach, swim with dolphins, go sand-boarding, jeep riding, or take cooking classes.  There are so many unique experiences waiting to be had for every member of the family.
Most likely the event your child is most looking forward to is their party!  Here in Israel, the party can be just that: a party!
In the United States you have to cram everything into one day.  But here, you’ll have done so much already that on the day of the party your child can relax and enjoy.  They won’t be worried about any rituals or customs, just having pure fun with loved ones.

What’s Most Important?
Ask yourself this: how do you want your child remembering their Bar/Bat Mitzvah?  Do you want them to think the day was an obligation that needed to be checked off a list?
Or do you want them living the experience you gave them over and over again, in their heart and mind for the rest of their life?
Give your child the Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience you wish you had!  Not only will it impact them for the rest of their life, but you will give them meaningful memories that they will be able to pass along to their children.
Doing that turns your Jewish heritage into a family legacy.
Build your family legacy and schedule a call with a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Travel Consultant now.
Shin Tours specializes in planning Bar/Bat Mitzvahs to Israel.  Go to for free resources and to find out how you can be Inspired By Travel.