Start-Up Nation Central launches tech challenge with Israel, US hospitals

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

An Israeli non-profit organization has launched a new initiative that brings together hospitals from Israel and the U.S. to better address challenges in the health sector.

Start-Up Nation Central (SNC), a non-profit that promotes the Israeli innovation ecosystem around the world announced Thursday that it is partnering with ARC Innovation at Sheba Medical Center and Baptist Health Innovations, part of Baptist Health South Florida to establish “Hospital2Hospital.”

The Hospital2Hospital challenge focuses on the effective use of technology to optimize care delivery and administration, calling for applicants with innovative process solutions that improve clinical capacity and patient outcomes. 

"Our broad access to Israeli tech can bring diverse solutions to this world health challenge, not limited to companies from the health field, SNC’s CEO, Avi Hasson, said. “This collaboration aims to create new business opportunities for the Israeli ecosystem, adopting a groundbreaking global approach.”

Baptist Health South Florida is the largest healthcare organization in the region, with 12 hospitals, more than 27,000 employees, 4,000 physicians, and 200 outpatient centers, urgent care facilities.

Sheba is Israel’s largest medical center and one of the world’s best hospitals. ARC Innovation encompasses a global ecosystem that aims to develop, pilot, and roll out game-changing solutions. It prioritizes innovations in digital health as its main change vehicle and fosters an open innovation environment. 

Today, healthcare providers are confronting increasing demand for services, limited resources, and a shortage of skilled healthcare professionals. For this reason, practical and economically viable solutions to ensure the effective delivery of patient care need to be found, and borrowing from different sectors, such as enterprise, fintech, and other innovation verticals, can prove to be crucial.

“ARC was founded with the purpose of connecting the top clinicians, technologies, and healthcare institutions to foster innovation,” said Prof. Eyal Zimlichman, Chief Transformation Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at Sheba Medical Center, as well as Director and Founder of ARC Innovation. “This challenge enables health-tech startups to have a positive impact on healthcare systems worldwide." 

The first challenge seeks to leverage technology and innovative staffing strategies to enhance clinical outcomes and patient experiences. The goal is to develop solutions that reduce administrative tasks for healthcare providers and effectively manage supplies and staffing.

“With this partnership, we’re highlighting the need for hospitals to create and implement new solutions for clinical and administrative excellence and a system of continuous improvement in patient care,”  said Mark Coticchia, vice president of Innovations at Baptist Health. “This includes investing in new technologies, streamlining processes, and fostering improved collaboration.”

Applications for the Hospital2Hospital Tech Challenge are currently open to start-up companies in early/pre-commercialization stages that are based in Israel and are expanding their business operations to the American healthcare system. 

The winner of the challenge will receive a $75,000 in-kind pilot credit to work with Baptist Health and mentorship from leading industry experts, from ARC Innovation and Triventures, a global early-stage fund that invests in innovative healthcare.

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