Start-Up Nation Central welcomes delegation of UN ambassadors for Israeli innovation

The delegation visited Israel at the invitation of Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, and met with Israeli start-ups developing technologies focused on water and climate solutions.

UN Visit Gilad Erdan (photo credit:  Eliran Avital)
UN Visit Gilad Erdan
(photo credit: Eliran Avital)

A delegation of United Nations ambassadors from 12 countries concluded a week-long visit to Israel on Tuesday with an introduction to Israeli innovation technology at Start-Up Nation Central, a non-profit organization promoting the Israeli innovation ecosystem around the world. The presentations focused on climate and sustainability solutions by early-stage Israeli startups.

The diplomats visited Start-Up Nation Central headquarters in Tel Aviv to learn about the strengths of the Israeli innovation ecosystem and how it is addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations.

The delegation which included ambassadors to the United Nations from Belize, Costa Rica, Georgia, Haiti, Israel, Italy, Malta, Moldova, Sierra Leone, Slovenia, Thailand, and the United States, participated in a tour hosted by Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan.

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan:  "Through the past five days, the Ambassadors have gained a deeper understanding of the innovative spirit that is synonymous with Israel. Just as on pervious delegations, bringing the Ambassadors to Start-Up Nation Central was the perfect way to conclude our time together in Israel. As the Ambassadors continue with their diplomatic responsibilities, I hope they will be Ambassadors for the wonders of Israeli innovation as well, both at the UN and in their home countries”.

Start-Up Nation Central’s CEO, Avi Hasson: “We are pleased to promote further cooperation with Ambassador Gilad Erdan and to present the extensive capabilities that Israeli technology has to offer to the world. Innovation is an engine for growth and a response to global challenges common to all of us. At Start-Up Nation Central, we are happy to promote solutions that can address challenges outlined by the United Nations’ sustainable development goals".

During their visit to Start-Up Nation Central, the diplomats received an in-depth overview of the Israeli innovation ecosystem by Start-Up Nation Central CEO, Avi Hasson, and were invited to partake in roundtable discussions with participating Israeli start-ups and Start-Up Nation Central subject experts.

Three core sustainability sectors were represented:

FoodTech innovation represented by Biofeed (with strategic partnership with Dream Valley Israel). Biofeed enables eco-friendly, zero-spray methods to address fruit fly infestation through the slow release of lures to manipulate insect behavior.

EnergyTech innovation represented by, a cloud-based platform that manages, monitors and analyzes energy consumption and costs from multiple sources. The platform leverages artificial intelligence algorithms to detect anomalies in consumption and provide alerts, predictive maintenance and cost forecasting.

WaterTech innovation represented by WaterGen, an Israeli company that produces potable water from the air. The company offers water-from-air units in different sizes that can serve a variety of needs and require no infrastructure other than electricity or solar energy.


This article was written in cooperation with Start-Up Nation Central