Start-ups Helping to Manage Anxiety

Anxiety is an issue that affects a near 18% of the world (according to, this figure being even larger for those in the workplace.

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Anxiety is an issue that affects a near 18% of the world (according to, this figure being even larger for those in the workplace. The study’s data also revealed that there is a considerable lack of programmes to help employees who are struggling, and that a rise in “perfectionism” and reduction in breaks are further contributing to issues with anxiety and poor mental health.


With so many struggling with anxiety in their day-to-day lives, many start-ups are developing innovative new ways to help people improve upon their mental health and wellbeing. Many start-ups have developed apps to help users manage their anxiety levels, whereas others have taken a more hands-on approach and developed products and services that come into direct contact with its customers.


How are companies helping their employees to manage anxiety?


With more and more people raising awareness to anxiety and stress within the workplace, and its impact on productivity, companies are beginning to introduce ways to help boost wellbeing. Sleeping pods have become a fashionable addition to many different workspaces, alongside improved break areas, gym passes and other such wellbeing-boosting tools.


As awareness of anxiety and poor mental health rises, it’s no wonder that both start-ups and other businesses are doing all they can to help tackle this concerning issue, and the problems it can bring to both an employee’s personal and professional life.


How are start-ups helping to manage anxiety?


One start-up helping those with anxiety to get a better nights’ rest is Calming Blankets. Calming Blankets have created a range of weighted blankets product to help people’s bodies calm down when going to sleep. The blankets help to provide proprioceptive input to relax the brain and nervous system, so users feel less agitated and anxious.


One app helping anxiety sufferers is BorrowMyDoggy. This innovative scheme helps to connect people with a love for dogs with owners needing sitters. It has been proven that dogs can help to reduce anxiety, meaning BorrowMyDoggy not only helps dog owners find a nice sitter for their pet, but also can be used to calm anxiety levels and promote mental wellbeing.


Many start-ups are also helping to promote good mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Equipsme is a health-tech start-up that offers affordable health insurance for companies, allowing staff to access private healthcare faster and at low prices. This should reduce the level of absenteeism as a result of mental health, providing quicker access to professional consultations and therapy for those employees in need.