'Me time' has an impact on our social lives, too - study

Spending time alone followed by immediate social interaction has the potential to be more than overwhelming.

Cans of Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi.

Commonly-used artificial sweetener linked to anxiety - study

Aspartame, a sweetener used in thousands of products, produced anxiety-like behavior that can even pass on to further generations.


‘The darkness monster’: coping with childhood mental illness - opinion

My beloved child calls me a ‘monster’ when he’s in a rage.


Introducing the strategy that could lower stress, anxiety in children

Transcendental meditation may sound like something difficult to practice. This is how it works.


Natural sounds such as birdsong can improve your mental health

Listening to birdsong significantly reduces anxiety and paranoia, according a new German study.

Jumping gene found to be strongly linked to depression, fear and anxiety - study

The experiment's results demonstrated that the TOP gene plays an important role in coping with stress.

How to stop self-bullying and feel better about yourself - opinion

Bullying oneself goes hand-in-hand with catastrophizing. It eliminates your ability to see possibilities other than the worst-case scenario.


Israelis in Gaza border to receive upgraded mental health centers

Israel’s Health Ministry runs 11 resilience centers – most of which are in the South of Israel that provide mental support amid emergency situations, such as rocket attacks from Gaza.

Why does silencing your phone lead to more anxiety, not less? - study

People are glued to their phones and are constantly receiving notifications. So, some put their phones on silent. Does it really help calm down and lessen anxiety? New research says no.

By Walla!
  A woman suffers stomach pains or cramps (Illustrative)

Why do our stomachs 'flip over' when we're emotional?

You’re about to go into a stressful meeting and your stomach turns upside down. What actually happens in the body to connect mental sensations to physical ones, and can this be prevented?

By Dr. Liora Berzag Peru/Walla!
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