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The only way to stop gamstop is to play on Betbeard non gamstop casino or to play in land-based casinos and high street betting shops.

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Gamstop exclusion period is between 6 months to 5 years and cannot be canceled early. To top that on, it will not automatically cancel once the period is over, but you will have to manually call the organization and confirm that you want it removed. During the interview, you will be asked all sorts of questions relating to your gambling behavior, and even if you pass all the questions, your subscription will not be removed for another 24 hours as an additional cool-off period. So after answering the question of whether you can cancel your subscription, it is time to answer the second most important question. Can I play casino during Gamstop self-exclusion? Yes, you can play but only in specific casinos not on gamstop that allows UK players that have signed up for the scheme. No UK casino licensed in Great Britain by the UK Gambling Commission will accept you as their client during your self-exclusion period. 

That's the elephant in the room, isn't it? I mean can you stop gamstop and how to cancel it are the two most asked questions in the industry nowadays. There are thousands of people in the same situation regretting that they have signed to the scheme and hence not being able to play casinos anymore. So let's face it straight away without wasting any more time, the sad reality is that exclusion form UK casinos cannot be canceled nor it can be changed in any way. Once you have subscribed to their list you will have to wait until your period of self-exclusion expires. The program is extremely hard to manipulate, once set it is specifically designed with gamblers in mind, so even if you try to create casino accounts with a different email it will still recognize you as a member. 

Play Casino Outside Gamstop

To put it in other words canceling your exclusion is not an option, and you will have to stop playing UK-regulated casinos for some time. Why is that? Well, because UK casinos are not allowed to accept players that have signed to self-exclusion scheme, and if they find out they will block your accounts, and even worse they might refuse to pay your winnings, to remove any incentive from you to play casino. If you can't stop Gamstop, then you can't play in all the UKGC licensed online casinos. Many players sign the scheme without knowing its full consequences and have to deal with it later. So after learning that canceling Gamstop is out of the question, what is left is finding suitable casinos that will accept you as a client.

That may sound easy at first, but it's not the case as many players have issues with how to stop gamstop. How to find a casino, that accepts self excluded UK players? For starters you have to decide whether you want to play some casino as if you have been self-excluded, this is probably for a good reason. So I will not advise searching for online casinos, until your exclusion period is over, if however you feel better and feel safe to gamble and have some casino fun, then you might search on google for the topic. It will take you less than one minute to find a suitable casino that will accept you as a player. Which is the best casino not on the scheme? Betbeard is by far the best casino for self-excluded players, they will accept you no matter your status and will provide you with a wide variety of slots. Betbeard will even allow you to use VPN so you can change your IP address and open slots that are geographically restricted from the UK. Not many casinos will allow such features, but Betbeard is dedicated to serving non gamstop casino players around the UK that have willfully decided that they want to play casinos and try their luck on the slots.

Non Gamstop Casino Options

So guys, there you go, you have the main headlines let's discover the whole story now. First, you cannot cancel Gamstop even if you change your mind, you have to wait the entire period of your choice before playing UK-regulated casinos. Second, relax it's not the end of the world, do not worry, thousands of online foreign casinos will provide their service to you. Third, and very important, please create a bitcoin wallet and gamble with bitcoins, you do not want any complications with UK payment methods, you are excluded, after all, UK payment methods will not serve your casino transactions the way UK casinos will not accept you as their client. It is very simple when you think about it, if you want to play casinos in the future, crypto is the only way forward, especially for non gamstop casinos.

Online Gambling Self Exclusion Period

Now I will share some tips and tricks on how to manage better your time until the exclusion period ends. As you are now aware, no gambling operator in the United Kingdom will allow you on their site if you have an active account. The reason is that you are now considered a problem gambler, and you are on your gambling free period called self exclusion scheme.

The first tip if you want to resume gambling is to remove gamstop by sending an official request once your restriction expires. 

If however, you had enough of a cooling off period and want to end gamstop before it expires then just open an account in Betbeard casino.

The second tip is to make sure you can gamble responsibly and only for fun. If you have doubts about that and feel you may still have a gambling problem remain active on your program and wait for the end of the self exclusion period.

Gambling not on Gamstop

Finally, the conclusion is that although you cannot cancel Gamstop subscription and you will remain on their list until the end of the period you have chosen at the beginning, you still can enjoy casino action and have fun gambling. The way to do it is to play at foreign casinos, that accept UK Players. You have two options, the first is as I said the non gamstop casino option, and the second is a crypto casino option. In crypto casinos, you can play without verifying your identity hence no one will know you are a self excluded subscriber. The third option is of course to wait until your self-exclusion expires and then call them, ask them to remove your exclusion, wait further 24 hours as a precautionary and cooling-off measure, and then contact casinos in the UK and check out whether they accept people with expired exclusions. Some UK casinos have very tough laws on that, and will not accept you even after the end of the exclusion, other UK online casinos will of course accept you as a client.

Non Gamstop Casino

You are probably wondering why on earth there is so much noise around the Gamstop casino industry when players can bet on hundreds of casinos in the UK. The truth is however that many UK gamblers are not allowed to do that; they cannot just open an online casino like you probably can and start playing slots. They can't just open Netent slots and have fun. These people have been self-excluded by the Gamstop scheme and no UK casino will accept them as their clients, or at least they will not accept them for a period of between six months to five years. So even if those players decide to change their minds, even if they decide to try some casino action one more time, they will not be able to do it. Even if someone has no gambling problems whatsoever, if he is already signed to the Gamstop list, they will not be able to find a suitable online casino within the UK.

That is why a lot of those people look abroad to find online casinos that will accept players signed to Gamstop. Luckily there are many such casinos, and you can look no further than betbeard. Here everyone is welcome irrespective of their self-exclusion status; we do not judge players on their past actions, nor on that sole decision to self-exclude themselves in the past. Crypto casinos don't even know UK citizens' exclusion status as they will not ask for proof of identity. In other words, crypto casinos are offering an anonymous betting experience.

That is betting to all, and not selectively choosing your clientele like most UK casinos do. As Bitcoin casinos do not require verification, your withdrawals in Betbeard will be processed immediately, so no need to wait for verification, and then for the payment to be processed. It all happens automatically so that clients can enjoy the non gamstop casino without any hassle.

What is Gamstop

No wonder why so many people ask what that is. With all those limitations UK players are in danger of losing their casino status. Once you sign up to Gamstop there is no coming back for at least six months. That is something most UK casino players are unaware of when signing into the scheme. There is a lot of anger once people understand that they are locked away from their favorite hobby for such a long period, but the good news is that the scheme affects only UK casinos, while foreign casinos that are not regulated by the UK Gambling Commission don't have to obey local regulations.

Help Me Cancel Gamstop

Unfortunately, once you have signed to self exclude, there is no way you can cancel it until it expires by itself, and even after it expires you will still be excluded until you call Gamstop and ask them to remove it for you. During the call you will be asked a lot of questions about how you feel, and whether you are sure you want to be removed from their list. After you have successfully been removed from the list, it will take up to 24 hours before all UK casinos get informed about your ending exclusion. Those 24 hours are given to you so you can think twice and resubscribe to it if you decide that is the better option for you. Ok, let us continue with the procedure, the next step is to make casino accounts and enjoy your gambling. Just joking, that's not true, some casinos will still impose restrictions above those set by the self exclusion program, which means you will have to wait even longer before you can return to your regular gambling behavior. All in all the conclusion is that self exclusion cannot be canceled, you will have to wait, and even after you have waited your self-exclusion period you will have to contact them, and because that is not enough most UK casinos will still put limits on your accounts. 

My advice is to be careful when signing to any self exlusion, and inform yourself before doing t so you do not regret it at a later stage. The good news is, yes there is a piece of good news after all that hard-to-read article, and it is that there are always casinos not on Gamstop which you can always enjoy.

How to Cancel Gamstop

There is no way you can stop Gamstop early, but there is a way to play online casinos during your period of exclusion. Betbeard online casino accepts players that have signed up for the Gamstop scheme in the past and have changed their minds and want to play casino. There are thousands of people in the UK who regret signing and the only feasible solution for them is to play foreign casinos with loose regulatory requirements that will accept such clients. Trying to stop gamstop is much easier when you simply switch to bitcoin casinos that don't ask for any verification, thus they are unaware of your status. From a players perspective that is not that bad, because slot games are the same everywhere, and foreign casinos are full of games, they even allow the term VPN casino, which means you can change your territory using a free VPN service to access slots that have geographical restriction in the UK.

This article was written in cooperation with Beard Casino Analyzer