The digital age of information and Ross Kernez’s SEO meetup

  (photo credit: Ross Kernez)
(photo credit: Ross Kernez)

In this day and age, digital marketing has grown substantially, becoming more prevalent than ever for both established businesses and startups. Although it is challenging to grow one’s brand in this landscape, assets and resources are becoming highly available to the everyday business owner. One of the most prominent channels that is easily accessible to business owners is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

Broad-ranging yet similarly vital to every business, SEO provides advantages that would otherwise be difficult and expensive to find. Ross Kernez’s SEO Meetup lends a hand to the inexperienced, those that desire a leg up in contending within an arena of like-minded competitors. SEO Meetup is a community that focuses on educating people and business owners, teaching them about the feasible apparatuses to enhance and boost their online presence.

What is SEO?

SEO is the fundamental process of improving your website exposure through search engines, like Google and Bing. The modern business owner requires this knowledge if they want their business to be shown in the first few pages through search results. Optimization of content can improve any organization, and create a new platform for marketing, essentially expanding the exposure and attention of a business or brand.

Ross Kernez, A Leader In The World Of SEO

Ross Kernez, the founder and organizer of SEO Meetup, a largest meetup group in NYC. With his expertise that spans over a decade of experience, Ross has been responsible for building innovative digital marketing strategies, organizing and managing budgets and objectives across a wide array of online channels like Search, Paid, Display, Social, Email and many others.

Ross Kernez founded SEO Meetup with a mission to help other entrepreneurs in establishing their respective brands. Across an endless sea of brands and businesses that have already built their recognition in the online age, Ross Kernez provides an opportunity to level the playing field for those entering new business arenas or those who would like to improve their current positioning. Alongside a community of digital marketers based in NYC, this SEO leader is offering guidance and advice that is free-of-charge.     

The SEO educator has worked in a variety of different industries, including IT, Healthcare, Home Improvement, Advertising, and an index of fast-growing areas of business. While knowing the basics of SEO is considered the first step, understanding the numerous strategies and methods is highly imperative in the expansive landscape of marketing.

To truly grow a brand or business, an entrepreneur must adhere to the ever-burgeoning internet era. By attending this gathering of like-minded individuals, members will be able to learn and adapt within the playing field, transitioning into a visible entity in a competitive marketplace. While Ross Kernez gives you the know-how to harness the proficiency of SEO marketing, you’ll also have the opportunity to network with experienced individuals. SEO Meetup will retain a value that will seem inestimable.

How To Catch Up To The Fast Growth Of SEO

Ross Kernez’s SEO Meetup is not only for beginners, this community is also for novices that want to keep up-to-date information on the trends and development of SEO standards and practices. Hosting these meetups will help marketing individuals to stay in touch while connecting with new prospective members that are willing to continue the expedition in honing their online marketing skills.  

This article was written in cooperation with Daniela Mazed