The latest technological trends and developments in the online casino industry

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

New technologies are changing our way of life, helping us interact with each other faster and more efficiently and providing us with an entirely new entertainment experience. The online gambling industry is one of those branches that might benefit from those new technological developments the most.

Some of those can already be seen. There is, for example, a significant rise of cryptocurrencies in casinos Curaçao. But there is more because everybody in this sector, from casinos to game providers, is working very hard to bring online gambling to the next level. So let’s take a closer look at the newest trends and developments.

Blockchain Is Making Its Way Into the Online Casino Industry

When we are talking about new technologies, the word blockchain is one of the first to come to mind. There is hardly a company in any industry that isn’t looking into adapting at least a part of this technology. For the gambling industry, there is an especially interesting part. Once an action is done and an entry into the blockchain is completed, it cannot be changed or erased. This can be a significant security and trustworthiness boost for casinos, not only regarding financial transactions but also to game results.

A Strong Shift Away From the Gray Area and Toward Legal Markets

Another major development in this industry can be currently witnessed. More and more European countries are legalizing online gambling and issuing licenses themselves. This major shift is giving gambling operators the understanding that they are no longer illegal. Notably, in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany, players can now gamble online legally in a safe, trustworthy, and regulated environment. As a result, more and more providers are applying for local licenses, and those legal markets keep growing. 

Smartwatches Are the Newest Addition to Mobile Gaming

Smartphones and tablets made online gambling mobile. Those devices enabled players to take full advantage of casinos. Playing whenever you want, wherever you are, became a reality and was no longer just a player’s dream. Smartwatches are the latest addition to mobile gambling. Due to their display sizes, those devices might not be players’ new favorites to play with. It is more the delivery of information that makes them so attractive. Casinos can use them to send text messages, email campaigns, bonus offers, etc.

The Revolutionary Potential of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is also one of the most promising technological discoveries. For casinos, there is an almost endless potential for AI. They can use it, for example, in a similar way as streaming services are using them. Based on the previous gaming choices of a player, AI can find suggestions for similar games. Considering all game selection choices of players, it can even create a list of popular games in 2023.

Chatbots Are Making Customer Support Easier and Faster

Customer service is one of the most important departments in internet casinos. The kind of help and support it provides often decides whether a player will come back and keep playing or close his account. Chatbots can be a huge help as they are an effective first line of customer support. They can make suggestions or send links much faster than busy humans.

There Is a New Kid on the Block, and His Name Is Social Casino

A social casino is an online casino where players can only play demo versions. No money is needed, and no deposits are being made - just pure gambling fun. Those kinds of casinos are becoming increasingly popular. The German Gauselmann Group successfully introduced their social casino under their Merkur brand. Players can get to know all their games, familiarize themselves with their rules and get to know the huge potential of winnings before moving on to playing with real money.

Virtual Reality and 3D Are Bringing Online Gambling to a Whole New Level

Virtual reality (VR) headsets are becoming more common, especially for gaming. This new technology lets players literally dive into their games and be a part of them like never before. Slots can, for example, no longer only be seen as turning reels but experienced as being a part of the game.

There Is No Doubt That Exciting New Times for Players Are on the Horizon 

Internet casinos can benefit from this variety of new technologies that are either already available or soon become available. Their potential is endless, for some of them even so great that they have the potential to change the way we play entirely. Players can rest assured that exciting times are lying ahead!

This article was written in cooperation with Nils Ott