The safest way to Buy Instagram followers

  (photo credit: Forbes)
(photo credit: Forbes)

Have you ever thought about growing your Instagram following safely, without having to spend years achieving this? 

That's where buying Instagram followers comes in. 

If you've used Instagram for at least a few years, you know that using slow growth methods such as hashtags and "follow for follow" practices no longer work in 2021.

The only proven way to see steady growth is to buy real followers that won't jeopardize your account. The Instagram algorithm prioritizes real followers and authentic engagement above all else. Influencers have purchased followers for years, but now this is becoming a proven formula to grow your following. 

The best website to buy Instagram followers Safely

Are you interested in the safest Instagram growth? We'll reveal all of these secrets for free to get you started!

Superviral—the safest service to buy real Instagram followers

Hands down, the best service that provides the safest Instagram growth is Superviral, voted the best by Washington City Paper

For more information to buy Instagram followers from Superviral

Superviral is a growth service that was established 10 years ago. They've served over a million customers, and what differentiates them from the other companies is their quality and safety. 

  (credit: Superviral) (credit: Superviral)

Their easy-to-use service provides real followers through an established network of active users. So when you pay Superviral to grow your following, they will perform these steps:

1. Scan through your Instagram page for relevant information, such as your page's age, types of posts/content, and your current followers.2. Search their network of real users who will be interested in your account. 3. Instruct those real users to follow your account and engage with your posts!

As you only receive real growth from Superviral, you can safely purchase Instagram followers without hesitation, making it our number 1 pick.

According to Superviral's policy, they provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so if you've changed your mind for whatever reason, you can request a refund, and they'll do it with no questions asked. 

Superviral's marketing team collectively has twenty years in the Instagram game, so they have a wealth of experience when it comes to safely growing your Instagram account. 

We recommend using this service if you've got an account with fewer than 100,000 followers. Superviral's service is primarily for new users and businesses seeking more coverage and looking to become Instagram sensations. To take full advantage, contact the company with your goals and the type of followers you require, and their experts will deliver great results.

Superviral also automatically helps you get on the explore feed, as Instagram's algorithm detects if an account is going viral through gaining a large following in a short time.

How to always Get Real Followers

To ensure you always get real followers, in short, use companies that have succeeded in growing followers through legitimate and genuine means and have achieved this through years of experience.

If you trust any random company with your Instagram profile, you can put your account in significant danger. When we mention danger, we mean your Instagram account can get banned, making you unable to continue using it.

The other negative result is getting shadowbanned, which is when Instagram prevents your profile from gaining further exposure due to fake growth.

So avoid all of this by choosing a reputable and established provider such as Superviral, through which the growth methods are 100% secure and provide only real users and premium-quality followers.

Strong signs of Fake Followers

With over a hundred services in the US alone that provide Instagram followers, more and more Instagram services offer fake followers. 

Here are the tell-tale signs mentioned by famous influencers to tell if the followers are fake: 

  • if no posts get uploaded on the follower's profile or the posts were submitted a long time ago (over three to four months ago)
  • if the user provides automated comments that look the same for all of their comments (example of automated comments: Nice!)
  • if the user's page biography has random information nonspecific to a country, locale, occupation, or description of a real user (for example: Hi there, this is my bio)
  • strange "followers" to "following" ratio (for example, if the user has 100 followers but follows 900 users, this is a strong indication of a fake follower)

Is it Expensive or Cheap?

To assure quality and safety, you must prepare to pay a higher price for Instagram followers. However, this doesn't mean you must pay exorbitant prices. 

For example, you can get Instagram followers safely for just $2 in the US, which is appropriate pricing. Just think about it—you're investing that amount in the growth of your business, and it's cheaper than a Costa Coffee.

Paying anything more than $2 isn't worth it.

Whether it's buying safe and real followers for your Instagram account or looking to buy a high-definition Canon camera to take photos, you should always invest in higher-quality services for real and natural growth. 

As Warren Buffett said:

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."

Remember that your Instagram profile will represent either you or a company that has worked hard to provide meaningful posts. You don't want to dilute that account with cheap followers because you tried to save a few cents. In the long run, the higher quality and higher priced followers will pay dividends.

For the best value, we suggest the following prices:

  • 100 Followers: $2
  • 250 Followers: $4
  • 500 Followers: $6
  • 1000 Followers: $12
  • 2500 Followers: $29
  • 5000 Followers: $40

What are the Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers?

1. Be recognized as a brand: Whether you're looking to start your brand or influence users with your posts, buying real Instagram followers is essential to your marketing.Whenever a new follower sees that you've got 10K followers, they'll perceive you as trustworthy and authoritative. Having a large following will also persuade other aspiring influencers to strike a deal with you for future partnerships. Who knows, maybe one day Balenciaga will reach out to you!

2. Power your external social media channels: If your existing followers find your content interesting, they'll want to follow you everywhere you go. That includes your other social media channels such as TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. Mainly what's booming right now is TikTok—a new viral platform growing by the millions, with most users migrating from Instagram. To achieve that added boost on your other social media accounts, state your other social media accounts in your Instagram bio to direct your followers onto other social media accounts.

3. Greater reach: Having more followers means you'll get more likes, shares, and views. Whenever an influencer like Chrissy Teigen gets a new follower, Teigen's new post will appear on the new follower's home feed. So why focus on getting likes and views when you can focus on followers, leading to more likes and views? Once your follower count increases, you'll have a large, loyal following who are interested in your content.

4. From side income to full-time income: Last but not least, your salary/income! Influencers have truly changed their fate forever, both in the profession they enjoy doing and their income. As you safely grow your Instagram followers, you'll begin to influence other users' decisions. Brands will then start to approach you with sponsorships, and you'll work your way up. As you work your way up, you'll rely less on your regular job and more on being an established influencer, a life-changing experience!

The Bottom Line: conclusion

Buying Instagram followers is safe, easy, and straightforward, as long as you're choosing reputable websites to provide you with instant but steady growth. 

Choosing the right service provider could be the make-or-break factor in your Instagram success and starting a life-changing career.

As mentioned above, without any doubt, Superviral is the safest and most established service to grow your Instagram followers. The service has helped top influencers receive legitimate and genuine followers and is guaranteed to do the same for you.

Instead of paying a "social media expert" thousands of dollars, you can save those costs by purchasing followers and investing the remaining amount in content that will excite your followers and turn them into lifelong fans. After all, no social media expert knows your audience better than you.

This article was written in cooperation with IG Growth Services Group