The Top 5 Tips for Purchasing a Scooter Online

Scooters are more affordable than cars. If you normally ride around your local town or city, then operating a scooter may be a cheaper alternative to driving a car or taking public transportation

Electric bike in Tel-Aviv (photo credit: ARIEL COHEN)
Electric bike in Tel-Aviv
(photo credit: ARIEL COHEN)

The Top 5 Tips for Purchasing a Scooter Online


Scooters are more affordable than cars. If you normally ride around your local town or city, then operating a scooter may be a cheaper alternative to driving a car or taking public transportation. 


The typical scooter contains an enclosed engine with a wheel in the front and a wheel in the back. The driver sits on a seat above the engine and rests their feet on a narrow floorboard below them. It is more comfortable than riding a motorcycle.


Not all scooters are 100% alike, though. There are a variety of different features and characteristics which make each scooter unique. When you’re shopping for a scooter online, you must recognize these differences. That way, you can make sure the scooter you choose accommodates your specific mobility needs. 


To help you get started, below are the top 5 tips for purchasing a scooter online.


1) Check the Speed Limit


Scooters have a reputation for moving slowly. That is true for some scooters, but not for all of them. If you choose an electric scooter or a 50cc scooter, then you can expect to travel up to 15mph or 30mph; respectively. This is acceptable if you’re only travelling on roads with speed limits no higher than 35mph. 


What if you want to go faster? In that case, you would need to choose a 125cc scooter. This is a much faster scooter which can reach up to a speed of 60mph. You must be a minimum of 17 years old to drive a 125cc scooter because of its faster speed.


2) Check for Safety Features


Check to ensure that your scooter has the proper safety features. It is not only for your sake, but it is also to comply with the local traffic laws of your area.


An automatic transmission can make riding a scooter so much easier. Like in a regular car, you won’t need to worry about shifting at the right times. Safe scooters should also have functional headlights, a speedometer, fluid level indicators, and signal mechanisms. 


3) Look for an Environmentally Friendly Scooter


You’re automatically going to save money on fuel by switching from a car to a scooter. But if you’re choosing a 50cc scooter or 150cc scooter, then it’ll still require unleaded petrol as its fuel source. 


You can always choose an electric scooter which uses battery power instead of fuel. The only problem there is an electric scooter cannot go faster than 15mph. If you want to go faster and reduce carbon emissions at the same time, then look for a scooter with a four-stroke engine. It’ll give you reduced emissions and a better fuel economy. 


4) Research the Insurance Costs


Scooters should be insured just like any standard motor vehicle. However, the average car insurance company does not offer insurance coverage for scooters. Fortunately, there are special insurance companies out there which do offer this type of insurance coverage. 


Before you purchase a particular model scooter, it would be wise to get a scooter insurance quote on it first. The value of each scooter model varies based on its mechanical specifications. For example, a scooter with a four-stroke engine costs more to insure than a scooter with a two-stroke engine. 


If you know how much your monthly insurance premiums are going to cost beforehand, then you can budget your scooter expenses a lot better for the future. 


5) Consider the Design Elements


The design elements of your scooter are something to consider. Everything from the exterior colours to the material of the frame is important. A sturdy steel frame enhances the longevity of your scooter and makes it more resistant to wind and mild debris.


Do you want people to notice you while you’re on the scooter? Choose a sleek design with thick aluminium wheels which will capture everyone’s attention as you’re riding down the street. 




Scooters are not too difficult to purchase online. You simply need to consider their speed, design, safety features, insurance costs, and impact on the environment. Any reputable online scooter retailer will give you more than enough information for your research. Look for a “specifications” area on the product page to review every bit of information about the scooter that you’re interested in purchasing. Then you can make the best choice for your needs.