The Utopia Club - Bringing the NFT universe together through music

  (photo credit: The Utopia Club)
(photo credit: The Utopia Club)

NFTs are creating a vast wave starting this year, and we have seen a massive rise in the number of people opting to be involved in this booming stuff. Many influential people are entering the scene, creating headlines among the community. A considerable advantage is that they don't hesitate to appreciate and shout out for projects that provide value. 

In a one of its kind NFT based community celebrating music and dance.

Think of this. What is the one thing that connects all of us humans? Despite the geographical barriers and the language differences, What is the one form of expression we all can communicate with? 

Music and Dance. 

Two people from different cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds - who don’t even speak a word of each other’s language can have a wonderful time just rocking to the same groovy music

Music is a universal language. One that allows us to feel and express without the need for words. Without the need for understanding. I mean, we all rocked to Gangnam Style without understanding a buzz from it. The dance and the beat - it was all we needed to come together and have a wonderful time. 

As we all prepare for the metaverse, one thing can connect us all. The metaverse would be a virtual world for people from all parts of the world. And, what better way for all to communicate than with music and dance? 

What if we could all dress up in the metaverse as if we were going to a club, or a jazz bar or a live-music lounge on a Friday night and just have a wonderful time, and perhaps meet some interesting people? 

Well - that is exactly what The Utopia Club is all about. A project that brings together the community via music and dance. 10,000 NFTs uniquely crafted to showcase funky, retro, and stylish characters all dressed up for fun Friday night in the metaverse. 

The best part about Utopia is the roadmap. Straight and to the point - with perks and utilities that genuinely matter. At first, they have a community-managed radio station that members can all collectively upload to and add to. Then, all holders can share their music or music that they love and would love for others to listen to it. 

Next, they have a wall-of-fame. A members-only space on the website, where holders of the NFT get a room on the wall to put up their album covers, their dance videos, their beats, their recording sessions, and more!

Moving forward, they have free-airdrops of a potion that lets users convert their NFTs into a complete 3D avatar, all set for the world of the metaverse. But, where do we go in the metaverse? Well - the Utopia Club! 

Finally - they have plans to purchase real estate in the metaverse and develop an 80’s style retro-disco where all the holders of the Utopia Club can come in for free. The club would have a dance floor, a live-music area, and a lounge for people to chill out. 

Also, they are more committed to helping the music community as well. Utopia Club will act as a platform for genuine upcoming artists to perform music for worldwide audiences and gain popularity. 

With all that and more in the works, this is where the Utopia Club separates itself from the rest of the NFT projects. It’s not about apes in space, stoned apes or bored apes, or any cat or penguin. It’s about something more authentic. Something with real human emotion and connection. It’s something we all love as a society. 

Utopia club can connect the music audience and the NFT enthusiasts since they have long-term plans to serve the community. NFTs that hold a value should be celebrated because they will not stop with one release. 

This article was written in cooperation with The Utopia Club