Top 3 Sports Betting Myths Debunked by Skinnybets.

 (photo credit: SKINNYBETS)
(photo credit: SKINNYBETS)

Betting has becoming the new norm in the sporting sector with everyone trying to get the odds right and win. With so many betting sites all you need are tips on how to place the best bets. Skinnybets a betting expert and best sports consultant in Canada at just 22 years has made a name for himself, especially in NBA betting.

He started small and would post his winnings on his social media accounts which grew his fan base. Fellow betting hopefuls began to reach out to him for help in placing bets and knowing what teams to bet on. His passion to help and change people’s life saw him decide to sell his picks and he has so far helped over 1,000 people. He now has over 420K followers on Instagram which he uses to share his winning tips and picks.

Skinnybets has always been positive in chasing his passion. Growing up he was really passionate about sports and he enjoyed the NBA and WWE with his role models being Kobe Bryant and John Cena. 

According to Skinnybets when you love doing something it should not be considered as a job and that’s why to him his drive is mainly the thousands of people’s life he has changed. His love for making lives’ better is his source of motivation and what makes the job more fun and enjoyable knowing he does it for a better course. 

In his quest, he has unveiled 3 major myths that most people believe to be true but are not. These are:

  • No-one wins in the long term – There’s a stigma around sports betting that many are battling, as well as the belief that no one ever really wins. However, sports betting is far from gambling. The odds are pure math and a bit of luck. It is different from games like blackjack and roulette. Sports betting also has higher chances of winning as it’s not just purely chance.
  • NFL and Soccer are the best sports to bet on – This is another popular myth that is completely unfounded. It is not necessarily true that the most popular sports are the best. You could earn great wins betting on other sports. It is also better to bet on a sport that you love and understand.
  • It is easier to win if you place large bets – another popular myth, whether you place a large or small bet, everyone gets equal chances of winning. In fact, being a high roller carries more risk than a smaller bet.

Considering his success, his take on what’s myths on not in sports betting is worth taking into account before placing your next bet or feeling discouraged by the legends you’ve heard out there.