Upcoming Esports Events

Gaming enthusiasts always look forward to upcoming esports competitions and tournaments.

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Gaming enthusiasts always look forward to upcoming esports competitions and tournaments. In 2019, there were several esports events hosted in various parts of the world. Esports lovers were entertained almost every weekend with exciting events and competitions. 

It is not out of place for gamers to anticipate esports events. If you are gaming enthusiasts who love watching esports tournaments, you should note these upcoming events and prepare to attend or view them through the internet.  

Some of the most anticipated esports events include the followings: 

The International 

It is one of the most popular esports competitions in the world today. The event is organized annually as the world championship for DOTA 2. The game usually attracts a large number of gamers worldwide.  

The winner of last year's event went home with $15 million from a total prize pool of $34 million. The

incredible number of viewership can also be attributed to the massive prize pool.

Valve Corporation is the organizer of the event and also doubles as the game developer.

Fortnite World Cup 

There is no doubt that Fortnite is recognized globally, and it is also one of the most popular games in the world for Esports betting. And its tournament is one of the most anticipated among the esports fans.  In terms of the prize pool, the 2019 Fortnite World Cup was the biggest with a whopping sum of $100 million.  

Epic Games, an outstanding game developer, organized the event. The team that participated in the event were selected based on merit.  

League of Legends World Championship

This is an annual esports tournament of the League of Legend, a popular and exciting video game.  The 2020 tournament is expected to take place in China, with about 24 teams from 14 different countries.  Sports lovers always anticipate this eventful competition.

Capcom Cup 

This event started in 2013; it is a live esports competition that features 16 to 32 players.  To qualify for this tournament, players need to emerge victorious at smaller competitions.  In other words, players need to win the smaller competitive event to play in this tournament.  

Players that love watching fighting games online always look forward to these esports events. The tournament is scheduled to take place in the Dominican Republic.

Blizzcon 2020

Another event that is much anticipated among esports fan is the Blizzcon 2020. Blizzard Entertainment, a respected video game developer, is the host of the event. 

This esports gaming convention started in 2005, making it one of the older esports events organized yearly.  Blizzcon is different from other esports competition in the sense that it features other games. Players can compete in StartCraft II, the world of witchcraft tournaments, as well as Starcraft II.

Evolution Championship Series 

If you love fighting games, Evolution Champion Series is a competition to watch.  The event attracts several esports lovers across the globe.  The competition features numerous fight video games, including Tekken, Super Smash Bros, Ultimate, Street Fighter, Dragonball FighterZ, and many others.

International Esports Federation World Championships

This event is quite similar to the Olympics when you look at how it is organized. The organizer adopts the Olympic format. In this tournament, the competing teams represent their country as they contest in different games.   

The International esports federation was established in 2008. For several years now, the federation has been organizing the competitions with several counties, including a few European countries in attendance.  A few of these countries include Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.  

The games featured at the event may vary yearly. The event usually takes place in Taiwan or South Korea.

Overwatch World Cup 

Blizzard Entertainment organized this esports competition for Overwatch lovers.  In other words, players compete in Overwatch for the grand prize.  Overwatch is another exciting and popular game among esports players.  Hundreds of thousands of gamers play this game worldwide.  

Esports teams from any country can participate at the preliminary stage.  However, only five teams will be able to move to the next round.  About nineteen cities will host the qualification rounds.

FIFA eWorld Cup 

The FIFA eWorld Cup is undoubtedly the esports event with the largest participants.  The number of players participating in this event could be in millions.  

Participants need to contest in several matches online before they qualify for the tournament.

Rocket League Championship 

Psyonix, the developer of the Rocket of League game, hosts the competition every year.  It will interest you to know that the game is open to players from different parts of the world. 

To qualify for finals, Gamers must engage in a regional competition with other countries and win.  Note that only the finals are played in the front of live audiences, while other games are played online.

The Intel Extreme Masters 

The Intel Extreme Masters, also known as IEM, is an intel-sponsored tournament that has been running for a long time.  It is not a one-game competition; it features a handful of games, including Global Offensive, League of Legend, Starcraft II, Quake Live, Hearthstone, and the Counter-Strike Global.  

The qualification matches of the events usually take place in different countries, while the final event is held in Katowice.

Fortnite Secret Skirmish 

Before the Fortnite World Cup, a series of short-duration events will take place.  These events are known as the Fortnite Secret Skirmish.   These competitions have a prize despite being qualification rounds. Furthermore, the prize money involved in this event is around 500 000 USD.

StarCraft II World Championship 

The StarCraft II World Championship is another popular event organized by Blizzard entertainment.  It is mainly for games that play StarCraft II.  The software developer hosts a similar esports event for several of their games.    

The prize pool for the StarCraft II World Championship is around $2 million. It is also a much-anticipated esports event among gamers.


It is a Swedish esports competition described as one of the most-watched gaming conventions in the world.  Like Blizzcon, it is not a tournament, but a convention where gamers play different games.  It will interest you to know that it is the biggest LAN gaming event around the globe.  


These are some of the highly anticipated esports events and tournaments that players can place bets on at various non UK casinos. If you are a fan of esports, you should look out for the date of your favorite esports events and get yourself prepared for the unparalleled entertainment.