What makes Maria Ivina ticks

  (photo credit: Maria Ivina)
(photo credit: Maria Ivina)

Maria Ivina, the Founder of Satori Me company, Co-founder of Allegro Moderato and the convener of the first eco-forum in Metaverse has done good by herself by leaving her footprints on the landscape of environmental protection, art, music, beauty, cryptocurrency business and technology.

She is also a philanthropist, public figure, Ideologist and inspirer of the unique NFT-collection of dragons, art amateur with deep interest in painting and visiting lots of exhibitions and meditation through art.

She has succinctingly dealt with ecology and environmental protection issues for many years. Her major objectives in this regard magnify the importance of protecting the environment, waste sorting and recycling, ecology and human health, advocating shift to cleaner energy sources, reduction of domestic and industrial waste.

She is also into trading on the crypto exchange, NFT and metaverse as well as digital education.

She is a composite dreamer and achiever who believes everything is possible provided there is a will to do it.Her Ultimate goals are drawing attention to environmental issues, raising an awareness that each of us can change the environment and the whole world with the help of our intention and decision to protect our wonderful planet.

From early life, Ivina fell in love with art and all the beautiful projections of it. At age 15 she began life as a model, drawing inspiration and aesthetics from it. She is a lover of art and music and this led her to co-founding a company known as Allegro Moderato. Her interest in art is unshakable.

Credit: Maria IvinaCredit: Maria Ivina

Speaking on art and how it has impacted on her ads as a person, Ivina submits, “Whats is art? First of all it's the most integral and extensive manifestation and creativity of humanity. Art gives meaning to our lives and helps us understand our world. It allows us to understand our emotions, it makes us creators, it brings awareness and meaning. As you can see I'm an integral visionary person. So art for me is always integral, the synonym is entire, the whole.”

Ivina also defines beauty as seen through her eyes and perspectives. According to her, beauty always pleases aesthetics, senses, mind or spirit.

“It's very personal with individual conception and perception. It varies from one to another opinion. For me, beauty is all about harmony. You can find beauty everywhere and always. all you need is to watch. Nature is a pure example of real beauty. We get used to seeing nature, sun, moon, water, fire, sky, sea etc.Why does nature always nourish and calm us, because we are part of each other. Beauty is easy to find not only as a visual aspect, it can be smell, feeling, taste. Yes, I'm aesthete and beauty is part of my daily life,” she says.

This article was written in cooperation with Maria Williams