When someone gives you something for free, take it!

Discounts are being given by the Ministry of Transport of up to NIS 1,500 on advanced road safety systems added to vehicles.

The vehicle-dafety system by Mobileye (photo credit: REUTERS)
The vehicle-dafety system by Mobileye
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The Ministry of Transport has instituted a regulation according to which owners of private vehicles on Israeli roads from the year 2000 until May 1, 2017, and in which an advanced road-safety system such as Mobileye has been installed, will be eligible for considerable financial benefits, equal to the annual vehicle-registration fee. Insurance companies are also lowering the cost of their coverage thanks to these systems. And most importantly, the system save lives.
Over the past few months, we have been seeing and hearing through public announcements that installing a system such as Mobileye can save us NIS 1,500 in annual vehicle-registration costs. Still, not many people seem to know how this regulation - known as Transport and Road Safety Ministry Regulation No. 151 - actually works.
As a service to our readers, Mobileye is here to explain the regulation and how you can benefit from a considerable discount.
According the regulation, road-safety systems must have the following two features: a warning when the vehicle is moving from its lane, and a head-on collision warning. It goes without saying that this is aimed at improving the drivers’ safety and preventing accidents, a large proportion of which occur for these two reasons.
If you purchased a private or commercial vehicle of up to 3.5 tons, are the sole owner of the vehicle, and registered it from January 1, 2000 until May 5,2017, you are eligible for the benefit. As soon as you call Mobileye’s service center, we will check your eligibility with the ministry.
You will receive the NIS 1,500 over the course of three years: NIS 700 off your annual vehicle-registration payment in the first year of installation, another NIS 700 in the second year, and the remainder being paid in the third year. Apart from this discount, most insurance companies – that of course increase their earnings when accidents are prevented – also offer discounts on their mandatory coverage for drivers who have a road-safety system installed in their vehicles.
The ministry has decided that, as one of the conditions for drivers receiving the benefit, the single price of installing a camera-based system must be NIS 2,100. This includes installation of the system by a certified technician. This means that the benefit is worth as much as 70% of the system's cost. Therefore, installing such a life-saving system will cost you no more than NIS 600.
The installation and use of the benefit involve an incredibly simple process. All you have to do is choose a certified technician, make an appointment, and then you will drive away in a much safer vehicle.
The technicians report to the Transport and Road Safety Ministry, constantly updating it with the vehicle’s registration and chassis numbers. According to the installation date, you will receive your discount on the vehicle registration fee. In any case, you are advised to keep the installation confirmation. In order to receive the discount in time for your next vehicle inspection, you should have the system installed at least 65 days prior to the date of your annual inspection. It is worth mentioning that the ministry makes this benefit available only for the first 120,000 vehicles to have the system installed.
Saving lives
Other than the considerable discount, which will no doubt play a role in your decision, the most important consideration when it comes to installing the system is saving lives. According to research conducted by the Finance Ministry which looked into the effectiveness of the Mobileye system, installing a system that combines warnings of both head-on and rear-end collisions, as well as warning of diversion from the lane, reduces the frequency of insurance claims due to an accident by approximately 39%! It is for good reason that the number of road casualties in Israel reached an all-time low last year.
In most cases, new vehicles come with road-safety systems, and a lot of people have come to understand the importance of having these systems installed in their vehicles. This is how countless lives are saved.
Furthermore, in a recent survey, 88% of those who had a road-safety system installed in their vehicles believe that a further decrease in the number of accidents and road casualties can be expected. Car-body repair workers said that they have seen a decrease of 60% in damage to the front of the car. Much of this is thanks to road-safety systems. Here is another interesting fact: 75% of the total number of road-safety systems installed are Mobileye systems.
So, what are you waiting for? At a price like this, both in financial terms and in terms of lives being saved, there is really no reason not to install the system - and not to have that extra peace of mind.

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