Where to buy tickets for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar?

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The official countdown is now double digits as the FIFA World Cup 2022 is almost here! 

The biggest celebration of world sport, the football world cup, is finally starting to take shape as Qatar readies for a world cup like no other. Being the first world cup to be played in winter, it will also be the first of its kind held in the Middle East. 

Football fans eagerly await the tournament's start, and November 21st couldn't be coming any sooner. A total of 18 startups will host this grandeur event, all situated around the city's capital Qatar. 

The 32-team lineup is confirmed, with the final qualifying places filled in June. The draw that was held in April this year saw the teams divided into four groups of four teams and it is a waiting game until the action starts. 

Traces of the famous France win against the Czech Republic in the final still remains fresh in everyone's minds from Russia in 2018, where the entire footballing world saw a spectacle come alive, but this year is expected to be even bigger. 

With state-of-the-art stadiums and innovative technology coming into play for this year's tournaments, the Qatar organisers are ensuring everyone who purchases World Cup 2022 tickets gets an unmatched experience. 

Getting through to Qatar will always be a challenge, with the entire world rallying up to get their world cup 2022 tickets to watch the games. Ticket sales kicked off early this year on a priority draw basis and are still continuing. 

Allow this guide to help you figure out the world cup 2022 tickets, the fixtures and how you can purchase a ticket. 

Ticket Sales Windows 

Number of World Cup 2022 tickets: 3 million 

Available for fans: 2 million 

In total, there are 3 million tickets available for the world cup. Of this number, only 2 million are available for the fans to purchase, and the rest is distributed among FIFA's stakeholders, member nations and sponsors. 

On paper, the 2 million world cup 2022 tickets might feel like a massive number but considering the scale of the event and this being by far the biggest celebration of world sport, it is a finite number. In contrast to the earlier world cups, the quantity available in Qatar is reduced. In 2018, when the World Cup was hosted in Russia, 2.45 million tickets were on sale for the fans, and in 2014, it was 2.3 million in Brazil. 

Tickets are officially sold on the FIFA website, where individuals must register for an account on the FIFA Ticket portal. Early this year, the first round of sales saw a total of 1.2 million tickets requested by fans worldwide during the first sale. The highest demand came from Qatar, Argentina, Mexico, the USA, UAE and India. 

During the first draw, 140,000 tickets were requested for the final that is set to take place on December 18th, 2022, expected to be played at the Lusail Stadium. 

The demand for the first few games was also high - somewhere between 80,000 - 85,000 per game. Alongside the openers, the games involving Argentina, Brazil and England have registered the most increased requests. 

On February 8th, the first sales window concluded with overwhelming requests for world cup 2022 tickets. The second and third windows for the tickets also saw a similar demand, with the final ticketing window ending in August. 

But that doesn't mean football fans cannot get their hands on an access pass to Qatar; there are still possibilities. 

World Cup 2022 tickets - Categories 

FIFA has divided ticket prices for the World Cup into four categories based on the game and the level for which you will be purchasing tickets. The first three categories will be available for fans worldwide through online ticket sales, and the final category is available only for Qatar residents. 

This is the usual norm where the host country receives a better opportunity to be represented during the world cup. The prices for the tickets also vary based on the game, where the opening games have a high price, and the mid-week games are slightly reduced.

The playoffs will again see increased demand, with them being the most competitive games with the heavyweights. Ticket prices are in Qatari riyals, and the below table will provide an idea of how much tickets cost in Sterling Pounds (a rough estimate for the conversion rate). 







Opening Game






Group Stage (2-48) 






Round of 16 (49-56






Quarter-finals (57-60)






Semi-fijals (61 & 62)






Third place match (63)






Final (64)






Looking at the table, you will see that the World Cup 2022 tickets for the first game will be significantly expensive. This is solely due to the hype built around the competition and based on behaviour, it is natural that the first game gets the most attention. 

Usually, the hosts will play the first game, and this time around, it will be Qatar playing Ecuador. The game, however, will be the final event on the first day of the FIFA World Cup, and fans who purchase World Cup 2022 tickets for this game can also witness the opening ceremony. 

The 1st Game 

Earlier, the opening game for the FIFA World Cup 2022 was planned to be held on November 21st alongside two other games. Along with the hosts Qatar playing Ecuador, plans were in place for Senegal-Netherlands and England-Iran. 

The main event was set to take place in the evening, but the plans have changed. The World Cup start will be brought forward by a day to allow the hosts, Qatar, to play the opening game. Now, Qatar will play Ecuador on November 20th, upon a request from the Qatari organisers, and FIFA has obliged. 

The move is in line with FIFA's long-lasting tradition where either the reigning champions or the host country gets to play the opening game. Under the new change, Netherlands and Senegal will clash in Group A on the 21st with a 7 pm start. England's Group B game against Iran remains unchanged and will be played on the 21st. 

World Cup 2022 ticket holders for the opening game will now have to bring forward their plans to make it in time for the 20th opener, but with the early change, it wouldn't be too much of a challenge. 

The opening ceremony and the opener will be played at the Al-Bayt Stadium, one of the seven venues built for the tournament after the country won the hosting rights in 2010. 

Key Games 

The demand for World Cup 2022 tickets is increasing, and the key games in the group stages have already stolen the spotlight. Nasser Al Khater, CEO of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, has added that the best-selling games have been Mexico vs Argentina and the Saudi Arabia v Argentina game. 

As per the official sources, both games are sold out. 

Several other key games are happening in the group stages, and these encounters are in high demand. 

Argentina v Saudi Arabia (Group B) on November 22nd 

Two days after the FIFA World Cup kicks off, Lionel Messi will begin his world cup stint with the game against Saudi Arabia. This is expected to be Messi's final World Cup game, and there's already hype building around the game. The World cup 2022 tickets for this game have been sold out, but there can be final minute availability for Argentina vs Saudi Arabia tickets.

With the Middle East's unending love for the game of football, expect this game to be a breathtaking fixture, not due to its competitiveness but for its glamour. 

Brazil v Serbia (Group G) on November 24th 

Another crucial clash in the FIFA World Cup 2022 will be when the South American favourites start their world cup campaign. With the likes of Neymar, Gabriel Jesus, Raphinha, and Vinicius Junior set to complete the squad, expect the entire world to focus on this game. 

Portugal v Ghana (Group H) on November 24th 

The 24th will also see Portugal starting their campaign as Cristiano Ronaldo is set for his final FIFA World Cup. Ronaldo has brought some magic during his time in the world cup with Portugal, and fans will be lining up to watch the legend in action in a Portugal jersey for one last time. Availability for Portugal vs Ghana tickets might be tight.

England v USA (Group B) on November 25th 

Despite losing the Euro final, the England side has gained decent traction with their level of playing and the talent they comprise of. Gareth Southgate has inspired a nation to rally behind their team after a disastrous campaign in the earlier World Cup. Expect England to go easy on the USA side, but it will be one of the most watched games in the World Cup. 

Sourcing World Cup 2022 Tickets 

According to the FIFA World Cup 2022 president, more than 500,000 tickets are freely available for the games for fans. These World Cup 2022 tickets are hard to source, and you can be a proud owner of one of them only if you are lucky. 

The first attempt to get a ticket is through the official sources where fans can sign up for the FIFA ticketing portal, but it would mean you will have to register and try your luck. 

As fans around the world rally to be a part of this half-a million tickets, including a heavy demand from Asia, it might get challenging to get access. 

Reseller platforms offer a lifeline in sourcing world cup 2022 tickets. Seatsnet, the world's #1 leading platform for sports and events tickets, is also gearing up to provide every football fan with world cup 2022 tickets so they can watch the grand celebration in Qatar. 

As a reseller platform, all tickets come from verified sellers with their authenticity confirmed. The resellers on the platform confirm the authenticity, and these ticket owners already have their transfer requests sent out to FIFA to validate your entry to the stadiums. 

The stadiums will have several checks at entry and the enclosure to ensure that the ticket is genuine. These reseller platforms ensure that all ticket markings are genuine and validated before listing them. 

For FIFA and their official websites - it is still a tough ask. You will need to wait to see if you are lucky enough to be a ticket holder because it is distributed from now on a first-come-first-serve basis. The committee expects to have several releases of this nature until the competition starts but expects a high influx of traffic around the official source. 

How do I identify an original world cup 2022 ticket? 

With technology, the ticket has several markings to validate whether a ticket is authentic. The unique identification of the ticket is with the chip printed, which can be scanned by the machines at entry. This will carry all the details about you and the ticket and is how validation is approved. 

You can copy the code on the world cup 2022 tickets to ensure that they are valid and are by any means counterfeit. 

There were several concerns around the earlier world cups where there were several counterfeit tickets and scams, but the ticket chip changed everything. Through this chip, all validation points can be successfully confirmed. 

You will need to validate the code with the reader, and you will receive access. 

Hayya Card 

Visitors who purchase world cup 2022 tickets will need to apply for a 'Hayya' card as of November 1st, 2022. The Hayya card is like an entry pass to the country and the stadiums. It is a simple process for all world cup 2022 tickets’ holders and could be done within a few minutes. With the influx of travellers, the Hayya card will ensure a convenient stay during the time you spend in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022. 

This article was written in cooperation with Seatsnet