Why Wooden Rings?

wooden rings could be perfect for what you are looking for!

 (photo credit: WOODENRINGS.COM)
(photo credit: WOODENRINGS.COM)
You might find that wooden rings could be perfect for what you are looking for! Wood is a symbol of solidity and growth. It is often associated with a married couple's fifth wedding anniversary for what it represents.  A beautiful wedding ring could be perfect for celebrating five years spent together. An anniversary wooden ring is perfect for commemorating one of the most memorable days in your relationship.  WoodenRings.com wooden rings are also an excellent choice for weddings and are becoming an increasingly popular alternative.

What do wooden rings symbolize?

Unlike other metal or stone types, wood is an organic material, and a wooden ring is a potent symbol of life, growth, and strength. Hence, a piece of wood used in the construction of the ring went through a life cycle. Thus, it had to grow vital from seed to tree, and this metamorphosis parallels a relationship between partners in a unique way.

What are the best woods for a wood ring?

The best kinds of wood for wooden rings are generally hardwoods. Not only are these stable, but they also have gorgeous colors and natural grain patterns and they are beautiful in the overall look of the ring. Some popular types include Honduras Rosewood, Hard Maple, East Indian Rosewood, Walnut and Oak. Woodenrings.com carries over 100 varieties of wood from every continent and in every color.

Different woods have different symbolic meanings. For example, maple wood is known as the 'traveler's wood' and is a sign of offering, generosity, and promise. Another popular wood, oak, symbolizes strength and courage. Then there is the concept of birthwood, where a specific wood is particular to a certain month (same as birthstones). Thus, you can choose what holds more meaning to you or go with what you feel looks the best.


(photo credit: WOODENRINGS.COM)

What kinds of wooden rings are available in the market?

The main kinds of wooden rings are solid, bentwood, carved, overlay, and inlay rings. While there are other styles, these are the popular types that you'll come across.

  • Bentwood ring forms by wrapping strips of wood into a tight cylinder. Further, bending them into a ring using special adhesives. Thus, this creates a firm ring that, when sanded and polished, looks simply stunning.
  • Another popular kind of wooden ring is the solid wood ring. This is made by carving the ring out of a solid block of wood. These are the most minimalist and economical and can be made in any type of wood.
  • Wooden laminate rings often contain a metal cylinder around which the wood gets wrapped. Hence, this gives the ring strength and holds its shape. Moreover, the wood then inlaid with a metal strip running around the middle of the ring's circumference. This adds beauty, contrast, and additional durability to the ring.
  • Wood inset rings are among the most popular kinds of wooden rings for men and women. Indeed this consists of a metal ring with wood inlaid in the metal, providing a beautiful contrast between the different materials used. These are the best choice for wooden wedding rings.

(photo credit: WOODENRINGS.COM)

What maintenance does a wooden ring require?

Wooden rings require very little maintenance but they are wood so there is a little bit of upkeep. For example, wood rings generally require a good clean with a polishing cloth to keep the ring's shine and luster. Most woods are not naturally waterproof and may get water damage if submerged for a time in the water. WoodenRings.com puts a waterproof coating on most of its wood rings and offers it as an option on its less expensive models.

  • Don’t expose your wooden rings to harsh chemicals such as bleach or nail polish remover. This applies to most anything though and includes metal rings.
  • Wooden rings from WoodenRings.com are the most durable wooden rings and include a lifetime warranty from damage.


Summing up, there’s no reason to delay buying your wooden ring any longer. There is a wide selection of woods, wood has a special meaning, they are durable and unique and WoodenRings.com has a lifetime warranty on all of its products.