Yerkin Tatishev’s Kusto Group Invests in Tambour’s Expansion Reaching New Levels of Success

 (photo credit: KUSTO GROUP/TAMBOUR)
(photo credit: KUSTO GROUP/TAMBOUR)
Paint is not all Tambour is known for in the construction sector. Kusto Group’s investment and acquisition of the company, under the direction of, Yerkin Tatishev, has bolstered Tambour’s success and expanded its production throughout Israel and the world.
Tambour has been in business in Israel for the past 80 plus years. Its success is in no small measure due to its solid foundation, principles of hard work, smart investments, and a clear vision for the company. Since the acquisition of Tambour by Kusto Group in 2014, the company is spreading its wings and expanding the company’s horizons.
Kusto Group, under the leadership of co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Yerkin Tatishev, has given Tambour the ability to invest in new factories and production sites. The investments extend to people and vital research and development and have given the firm a competitive edge in the industry.
Tambour: The growth of an Israeli paint giant
Tambour, a household name for paint in Israel, but the company is much more than just paint. A German family who immigrated to Israel founded the company in 1936. They set up a paint company with a diverse range of products to offer the local market. Steadily growing into the top producer in the country.
Since then, Tambour’s product line has diversified and expanded. Tambour now makes a wide variety of paints and coatings that include decorative paints for internal and external walls, special effects for wood and metal, high-quality industrial paints and protective coatings for buildings and marine use, paints for Epoxy floorings, and special paint for military use. Specialized polyurethane paints for electronic cases and devices, electro-static powder paints for aluminum frames are also produced in Israel. The production of such specialized materials is made possible because of the rare and experienced research and development team that works in Israel to provide solutions to all sorts of painting scenarios.
Kusto Group’s Tambour also produces emulsions, a critical raw component for paints and adhesives. The company is focused on producing emulsions with low VOCs that are water-based with safer impacts on the environment. Tambour is committed to sustainability and improving the quality of life and the environment for workers and residents of the communities in which they work and reside.
Aside from paint and finishing materials, the production of construction materials has been a growth engine for the company. Tambour purchased Gesher Gypsum in 2006, which was one of the only gypsum plaster producing companies in Israel. A significant investment of $50 million (USD) established a new factory that produces high-quality gypsum plasterboard for internal and external use. Thus, gaining a significant market share in Israel and successfully competing as one of the world’s biggest names in gypsum material production.
Yerkin Tatishev on a recent visit to Tambour Paints in Israel.
Yerkin Tatishev on a recent visit to Tambour Paints in Israel.
Kusto Group is invested in Tambour’s success
Kusto Group’s vision for Tambour’s continued success is not just based on its production of high-quality materials. The company values the foundation of years of experience drawn from the local communities that Tambour has established. There are currently around 30 employees with more than 400 years of combined experience in research and development working at the company. The Tambour employees are retained with competitive salaries and an attitude that all employees of Tambour are regarded as family.
This well of experience gives Tambour the ability to provide a vast range of solutions that other companies find difficult to achieve. Tambour’s high-level problem-solving approach adds value to their products. The demand for special work environments such as extremely high or low temperatures, areas close to the sea or in the water, or areas which meet complicated materials like acids, requires the types of solutions that Tambour can give their customers to help save them time and money.
Tambour invests in well-connected, efficient logistics, and distribution channels that reach solutions necessary promptly. When supplying products, 98% of the time the company succeeds in meeting the deadline set for delivery.
Kusto Group is expanding Tambour’s production capabilities
Under Kusto Group’s direction, Tambour continues to expand its manufacturing footprint. One of the new construction sites for Tambour is in Ashkelon in southern Israel. Investments by the Kusto Group, led by Yerkin Tatishev have made this expansion possible. The ground was broken in May 2019 with an operational deadline for the factory set for November 2020.
The plant will produce almost all types of grout, adhesives, plaster, putty, self-leveling floors, sealing materials, and heat-insulating materials. State-of-the-art industrial equipment has been sourced from partners all over Europe. The production will be highly automated to maximize productivity. When it is fully operational it is expected to produce 50 different types of products with an output of 360 tons per year.
This new plant is located strategically near Israel’s main production sources of critical raw materials for the plant such as cement, sand, and limestone. It is only approximately 12.5 miles away from the cargo port of Ashdod allowing for ease of importation of raw materials and exportation of finished products.
Tambour’s vision and expansion strategy are clear, and revenues have continued to grow. Tambour is on a path to becoming a global leader in the manufacturing of construction materials, and the paints it is already well known for producing. For Kusto Group and Tambour, the future is bright.