Your guide on judaica art and Jewish gifts

One of the best things in life is gifts. Each culture here on the planet has its conventions and customs regarding gift-giving.

  (photo credit:  Nadav Art.COM )
(photo credit: Nadav Art.COM )

Other cultures prioritize giving gifts at certain events, while others are more practical in gift selection. Nevertheless, there's always joy in giving. No matter who gives you a gift or for whom you are buying a gift, there's always that element of surprise waiting on the other end.

One of the most common and classy gifts one can give is art. Art holds value beholden to the eyes of the recipient. Jewish people have a massive culture for gift-giving and offer some of the most sophisticated products for giving. 

Let this article serve as your guide to some of the background and best gifts from Judaica. No matter which occasion it is, you will have the best Jewish gift for others.

What is Judaica?

Before diving into Israel's gift-giving culture and the best gift types, let's discuss Judaica. Judaica is a common term around the online space and in several resources. What is Judaica, and how does it relate to gifts?

According to the dictionary, Judaica means "things pertaining to Jewish life and customs, especially when of a historical, literary, or artistic nature, as books or ritual objects." The entire Jewish reference to any part of the culture is simply known as Judaica.

The term Judaica comes from its original word "Judaism" and refers predominantly to history. Judaica also scopes Jewish Art and the Jewish custom for gift-giving.

What does Judaica mean?

The root word of Judaica is Judah which stems back to Judaism. Judaica also comes from its older Latin term Iūdaicus, a neuter plural form of the word. All customs, traditions, and conventions of these aspects of Judaism are collectively called Judaica. 

Judaica presents a heavy religious influence on people, whether Jew or tourists. Judaica is one of the most well-preserved cultures in history.

Each religion, country or group of people will always have a culture. After all, culture encompasses a general way of life. One example like Judaica would be other religions creating their ways and traditions. No method of life is better than the other. All cultures offer different experiences to different people. 

What are Judaica items?

Part of the way of life of Jews is giving gifts. Though it's not a unique convention to Judaica alone, Jews have different practices. Judaica items are things unique to the Jewish culture. Jewish artists and people specialize in producing these trinkets. Here are some of the most common Judaica items:

Passover plates

Passover plates are some of the most typical Judaica items in every household. These plates are so popular that other places attempt to produce knockoffs from original artisans in Israel. Passover plates, more commonly known as Seder plates, are special items in Israel. The purpose of these Passover seder plates is to show all the ideal food in the Passover story.

Kiddush cups

Kiddush cups are pure works of artistry in a cup. Even though Kiddush cups are mainly for liquids, the focus of the cup is on the design itself. Israel produces some of the most intricately-designed Kiddush cups that reflect the history and artistry of Judaica art.

Hanukkah Menorah

A menorah is a set of candlesticks that can hold multiple candles simultaneously. It's also known as a variation of a candelabrum. Whereas candelabras have scattered candlesticks, menorahs don't. The candlesticks in a Hanukkah Menorah are aligned.


No home is ever complete without the proper dinnerware where families gather to enjoy the silence of mealtimes. Fortunately, Nadav Art Online Judaica Store offers the best deals for these items. From plates, spoons, forks and knives, each piece has a touch of Judaica, made entirely of sterling silver or gold.

Wine fountains

You may never have heard of the term wine fountain. Nevertheless, these are popular Jewish gifts for people in Israel. Wine fountains are composed of the main wine goblet and the more miniature goblets. Furthermore, these items are usually on trays that hold the liquid containers together. A partition with slim troughs is ready to flow liquid from above. The main goblet dispenses the liquid to the smaller goblets below. 

Is Judaica an art?

Judaica is a way of life and encompasses the entire Jewish culture. As such, art is just one of the many aspects of Judaica. Many Jewish artists and artisans are constantly producing world-class Judaica art. The products reflect the rich history of Judaism through the ages. 

Art pieces such as paintings, olivewood carvings and artworks are available in the country. Many Judaica art is available at Nadav Art Online Judaica Store. To truly experience Judaica as an art, unique pieces and special gifts are available in the store by Avi Nadav, a world-class artist.

What is a good Jewish gift?

There is no right or wrong way of giving gifts! If you truly love and know people, you can find something they value and give it as a surprise. Nevertheless, if you want to give something that showcases the Jewish culture, you can never go wrong with jewellery. Judaica artistry is very evident in each piece's intricate details and designs.

What is the traditional Jewish housewarming gift?

Housewarming is a regular occasion every year. Whether you have a Jewish friend who is moving to a new place or there's a house hosting, you can never go wrong with bringing a gift. One of the best things you can give is a Siddur. 

A Siddur is a prayer book for the Jews. The text contains a lot of everyday Jewish prayers and guidance. The book also gives commentaries to support the text. Let the recipient connect to their Judaica faith through regular Siddur reading. 

Where to buy Judaica online?

There are many places to buy gifts around Israel. Tourists and travellers will never run out of places to source the best gifts. Sometimes that real challenge is finding the right time to get these gifts. Any person can get authentic Judaica Art and Jewish gifts via e-commerce websites like Nadav Art Online Judaica Store.

Artist Avi Nadav offers the best Judaica gifts that boast nothing but artistry and specialty. As an artist who produced a massive collection of unique items, Nadav’s store brings a collection of 3000 unique items for purchase. Get only the best handmade crafts as gifts for your loved ones from the best artists in Israel.

Whether it’s a wine fountain or a silver candlestick, each gift speaks only of the highest Judaica quality proudly made from Israel. Tourist can buy special gifts that come from third-generation artist who has a lifetime of skill and ancestry in Judaica Art. 

This article was written in cooperation with Nadav Art.Com