Zevi curates art that echoes a whisper as opposed to a shout

  (photo credit:  Zevi G )
(photo credit: Zevi G )

When our generation sees a cartoon, we have a sense of hope after seeing their bravery, and it encourages us to make a positive impact ourselves. Additionally, Cartoons are important agents of cultural transmission, allowing people to enrich their dream world as well as to improve their outlook on life. As people grow up, we use cartoons to show them how things function in real life, explain them more about feelings and relationships in a way they can understand. We also show them how to deal with certain situations and people. Most importantly, cartoons contain some valuable life lessons. For example, The Simpsons, is a hit cartoon show where the catchphrases and one-liners used created a shared cultural knowledge among fans. The Simpsons has had a direct influence on the American experience whether that be in pop-culture, Americana, or television. Nowadays, there are many memes circulated around the internet about The Simpsons, which connect people together and provide a source of entertainment. 

Zevi G, an artist who is a progressive and innovative artist, uses his innovative studio to bring unanticipated creations to life. In a world where love, unity and kindness have become a scarce commodity Zevi is determined to make a change using his art and many compelling characters to spread a powerful positive message. To give some background, Zevi grew up in a religious home and neighborhood, in New Jersey. Growing up, similar to most of his friends, there was no TV at home. So there was an absence of TV, cartoons, colors, and art growing up. He knew his grandfather in Israel was an artist, a self-thought nature and landscape painter, who also painted large murals. Zevi had always recognized his grandfather in one of the paintings hanging at a special spot in the living wall at the family home, but that family connection, although intriguing, also seemed so far from reality at that time. 

Years later, in his teenage years, Zevi finally got access to television and cartoons, and he was immediately drawn to the culture and lifestyle, as if he could somehow understand the language of his own generation. The colors, the creativity, enjoying the moment with friends, sharing a laughter together, some cartoon programs embodied strong moral values behind it.  In essence, the experience of watching cartoons as a whole created a feeling of belonging and openness to new discoveries. Each cartoon had its own magical vision and characters. From that moment, Zevi started developing an idea of what would be the inspiration behind his own imaginary World:  the 456 Land, a world where the main rule is to spread a message of love and kindness, but as a whisper, opposed to a shout. 

For Zevi, 456 Land serves as a reminder for his love of cartoons and shows, with inspiration from TV shows such as The Simpsons and South Park. Moreover, he created 456 Land to adopt the positive impact cartoons had on him by creating spaces that are inclusive. In essence, 456 Land is an extension of Zevi’s personality, and his ability to foster positive experiences for others. 

The very first inspiration came from his own pit bull dog. Zevi created a basic sketch on a piece of paper of his pit bull dog’s head, and decided he wanted to take it a step further. Since then, Zevi being a very prolific artist, curated more drawings and ultimately more characters came to life. These drawings encompassed an evolution of shapes, colors, sizes, materials, going from art on paper, paintings, graffiti, mixed media, to large sculptures. 

Now with the NFT’s innovation, Zevi adds a new medium to his work collection. Launching four exclusive NFT’s for immediate release and showcasing six, it is almost poetic, as if the future met the past. The new blockchain possibilities, with digital media, gives Zevi the opportunity to create short animated clips almost like short cartoon animations he used to watch as a teenager. Art imitates life. 

Zevi aims to create art that can transform the lives of others. He believes that when we connect with art, we are ultimately connecting with our inner selves. Art enables us to look within and to listen to ourselves, realize who we are, and what we care about. It connects us to our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and our outer realities and experiences. For Zevi, 456 Land is an ode to how cartoons shaped his perspective on the world, both on an individual and collective level. His goal is to share the enlightening joy he experienced from cartoons with the rest of the world. His background compelled him to highlight an artistic side that encourages artistic creativity and compels various in-depth discussions about promoting positivity in the world. Zevi’s work is found in many prominent collections, which speaks volumes on the quality and detail behind his masterpieces. Zevi’s work has been shown in galleries from coast to coast, ranging from NYC, San Francisco, Miami, and New Jersey.

To learn more about Zevi G, his art, and to gain a closer look into this life, visit his website.

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