Flag Football: Lobos beat Tov Pizza after tying first game

Fans were treated to some great football at Kraft Stadium in Jerusalem during Week 5 of the Moshiko Men's Contact League of the Talk n' Save American Football in Israel. In Saturday night's primetime games, Tov Pizza and the Lobos tied their first game 13-13 and then the Lobos executed a long play in the final minutes of the second game to win 12-7. In other Saturday games Orli Print beat Ohr David 35-0 and 28-0, Neve Zion beat American Electric Company 33-0 and 28-6, Lone Star and Klein Management split their games, with Lone Star winning one 14-0 and Klein Management the other 6-0, One Jerusalem beat Joe's Eagles 27-13 and 27-14, Taxi Squad beat J Cafe 18-0 and 14-0, Big Blue and Merkaz split their match-ups, with Merkaz winning the first 18-6 and Big Blue winning the second 13-6, Cobras beat Jerusalem Sports Medicine 28-6 and 26-0, Jerusalem Foundation tied one game with Lev Hatorah 21-21 and lost the second 21-6, Famous Consulting beat Studio 803 25-0 and 19-0, and Misha'an Plumbing tied Jerry's Kids 6-6 and won the second game 22-6. Friday's games saw Jerusalem 1st class tie 12-12 and win 6-0 over Chabad Lubads, Torat Shragah beat Big Apple Pizza 19-0 and tied 7-7. Personal Touch took both games over Tivuch Shelly 19-0 and 33-0, At Home in Israel beat Touro College Israel 19-6 and 13-7, S&J Steelers beat Text Away 19-7 and 25-7, Ziontours beat Hakotel Eye Candy 21-7 and 27-18, Halachic Organ Donor Society split their games with Scott's Boys winning the first 13-9 and losing the second 25-7, Jew England Patz beat OJ Kush 14-7 and 13-12, in the final game Travaglini and Magen Av split their games with Magen Av winning the first 6-0 and Travaglini winning the second 8-7.