Games We Play: Crazy Richard Earns Crazy Forfeit

In ISA "Babe Gillett" Memorial Fall Tournament, illegal glove turns a 17-8 Crazy Richard lead over the Tigers into a 7-0 forfeit win.

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baseball 88
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In the only game played in the ISA "Babe Gillett" Memorial Fall Tournament last week, an illegal glove turned a 17-8 Crazy Richard lead over the Tigers into a 7-0 forfeit win. There are still five rained out games to made up before the Final which has yet to be rescheduled. Bruce Maddy-Weitzman returned in the role of starting pitcher for Crazy Richard and baffled the Tiger bats, half of whose runs were unearned, with his assortment of floaters, change-ups and forkballs. Amit Megiddo pounded out three singles, driving in four runs and Nate Rosenberg contributed a long RBI triple to accompany his mastery behind the plate of the elusive Maddy-Weitzman sinkers. A bases-loaded triple from Shlomi Mor-Hayim and a two-run triple from pitcher Goose Gillett were the big hits for the Tigers whose porous defense were their downfall. However, with Crazy leading and batting in the bottom of the fourth, the Tigers made a defensive substitution at second base. The third out was apparently made on a pop fly to the new second baseman, ending the inning at 17-8 in Crazy's favor. However, third base coach and international certified umpire Howie Litz noticed that the second basemen had made the play using a first baseman's mitt. His appeal was accepted by the umpires, the batter was called safe and the second baseman was ejected. Although the Tigers had the right to re-enter the starting second baseman, they informed the umpires that they could not field a team and therefore the game was forfeited as the required five innings for an official game had not been completed.