Lakers, Plumbers enter playoffs on a winning note

Highlights from women's flag football.

AFI womens flag football (photo credit: AFI)
AFI womens flag football
(photo credit: AFI)
On Monday night, in the final two WAFI regular-season games, Paige's Lakers and Mishaan Plumbers emerged victorious, each winning 25-6 affairs. Mishaan's game against The Storm started off slowly, with both teams denying the offenses a chance to move the ball. A minute before halftime, however, Ayelet Hecht ran the length of the field to put the Plumbers on the board. Once the floodgate was opened, QB Esther Feldhamer chucked short catch-and-run TDs to Rachel Shmidman and Penina Rapapo. A pair of extra points were also caught by Shmidman. On defense, the team's sole interception was caught by Elisheva Drellich, who made a beautiful grab right out of the hands of two opposing players and ran the ball in for a touchdown. Simultaneously, on the opposite side of the field, Paige's Lakers had some action of their own going on against a tough PAYGEA club. Down 6-0, the Lakers players realized they needed a new approach and when, seconds later, the skies opened up with a downpour, the team took it as a positive sign. Danya Sloman was finally given an opportunity to show her true colors when she ran the length of the field to tie the game. Shyra Ben-David caught the critical extra point, putting her team ahead 7-6. Ahuva Odenheimer, not liking to be left out of the mix, had two impressive interceptions on the other side of the ball, both which she returned for TD's. Last but not least, Adi Taylor closed out the game on a positive with a pretty TD of her own. Next week, the WAFI playoffs get under way with a full slate of games, including Big Blue vs PAYGEA and Eden's Eagles taking on the Lakers.