Modern-day aliya by boat

Mexican Jew Galia Moss is setting her sails on Israel, literally.

Galia Moss is setting her sails on Israel.
In October, the Mexican Jew will sail solo from Mexico to Israel, crossing the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The 7,000-mile (11,200-km) voyage is expected to take up to 65 days.
The Jewish Agency is a major sponsor of Galia’s journey.
“This is a very unique way of making aliya,” said Director of Marketing for the Aliya and Absorption Department of the Jewish Agency Ofer Dahan, who added that once they heard about Galia’s endeavor they decided to lend their support.
This is but the next feat for this record-breaking athlete who in 2006 was the first Mexican and Latin American to sail solo across the Atlantic from Spain to Mexico.
Born and raised in Mexico City, Galia, 35, grew up attending a Jewish school, spent time living in Israel and plans on making aliya after she arrives.
“Since the age of nine I’ve always wanted to live in Israel,” Galia said during a recent speaking tour in the United States.
“So when I decided to do this project, I decided why take a plane? Thisway I can set a record and also represent both Mexico and Israel,uniting the two most important countries in my life?”
For her upcoming challenge, Galia will set sail on October 12 from theport of Veracruz and crisscross the entire northern part of theAtlantic and then across the Mediterranean to reach Herzliya. Thevoyage will take between 50 to 65 days.
It is not just the distance that is daunting. Just manning the 35-foot(10 meters by three meters) boat is a herculean task. During the day,Galia is captain and crew in one. Even at night when the boat is onautopilot, Galia can only sleep in 20-minute intervals to preventaccidents.
As much as she is looking forward to the challenge ahead, Galia is even more excited about its final destination.
“I’m really looking forward to going to Israel,” she said.