Soccer scandal: Police investigate Oshri Levy

Former Hap Kfar Saba goalkeeper's performance in 3-3 Premier League draw against Mac Haifa under suspicion in matchfixing scandal.

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money 88
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Former Hapoel Kfar Saba player Oshri Levy continues to be one of the protagonists in the Premier League matchfixing scandal. The released goalkeeper is now the subject of a police investigation, despite going through two independent polygraph tests. Levy's performance in the 3-3 Premier League draw against Maccabi Haifa is under suspicion. He conceded three goals in bizarre fashion and was later caught on videotape collecting money at a kiosk that allegedly takes illegal sports bets. Weitzman Ya'ar, the Israel Football Association's official investigation agency, produced enough proof to convince IFA chairman Itzhak "Itche" Menahem to file a criminal complaint against the player.