Tennis star Shahar Pe'er inducted into IDF

Up-and-coming Israeli tennis star Shahar Pe'er shed her tennis whites in exchange for IDF green Sunday morning as the number two ranked Israeli women in tennis arrived at the IDF's "Bakum" (induction base). Pe'er chose to be included in the incoming draft class under the category of "Outstanding Athlete" unlike many other headline-grabbing teens who chose to evade military service. Her status as "Outstanding Athlete" will enable her to continue her athletic career and international competition while serving in the IDF. The 48th ranked woman in international tennis downplayed the decision. "If I can give to the army and to the country, then why not?" Pe'er said to Army Radio as she was on her way to the Bakum. "If the army will be okay toward me and let me practice, and I manage to keep in shape, then I think everything will be fine."
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