Abraham Lincoln

Israel is far from a civil war, and Rivlin is no Lincoln - analysis

It is unlikely that Rivlin’s words, or decision, will do anything to – as Lincoln put it – “bind up the nation’s wounds.”

Abraham Lincoln

How did Abraham Lincoln view religion, Jews? - opinion

Lincoln often championed the rights of Jewish Americans, many of whom he counted among his closest friends.

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping stand side by side at the G20 leaders sum

Republican group says ‘China made Trump roll over like a dog’ in new ad

On The Lincoln Project’s website its stated mission is to “defeat President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box.”

ABRAHAM LINCOLN’S Second Inaugural Address, Arthur Szyk, 1946.

Abraham Lincoln and the Jews

When I entered the American army in 1965 as a Jewish chaplain, I was unaware of what Lincoln had done to ensure there could be a Jewish chaplaincy.

Alan Dershowitz

Dershowitz: Why I will continue to defend clients like Jeffrey Epstein

"Because I did my job well – getting my client the best result possible – I have now become a target of efforts to destroy my reputation and career."

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