Has Israel lost the battle for sovereignty now?

One has to ask this question: If Israeli politicians cannot speak about their fears regarding the Trump plan, how can a sovereignty vote taken in defiance of that plan ever head to the government?

Where do major US stakeholders stand on annexation?

In the past few weeks, the public has heard different statements from several US stakeholders regarding the timeline and conditions of Trump's Deal of the Century.

IDF SOLDIERS take part in a flag-lowering ceremony in the southern Gaza Strip, in 2005.
Annexation has parallels in Israel's withdrawal from Gaza in 2005

There are some startling similarities between Israel’s Disengagement from the Gaza Strip and the possible annexation of parts of Judea and Samaria

IDF paratroopers on Temple Mount shortly after the capture of the Old City in 1967.
'East Jerusalem is Israeli, open the city’

Amid some ambivalence, the government moved speedily toward annexation immediately after 1967 Six Day War

David Elhayani, head of the Jordan Valley Regional Council
Trump's peace plan offers Israel an opportunity not to be missed

Just a few years ago the president of the US spoke about seeing Israel withdraw to pre-1967 lines.

Fatah leader calls for peaceful protests to foil annexation

Rajoub warned that Israel would “target” PA President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian security forces if the situation in the West Bank deteriorates.

Rivlin advocates discussion on annexation – But without verbal violence

In his statement, he said that while discussions are important, there is a certain way they must be conducted.

Gap-year alumni call on US Jewish groups to reject annexation plan

“As young American Jews, who spent a formative year of our lives in Israel, we unequivocally condemn the threat of unilateral annexation."

Yehoshua Kleinman, a resident of Asfar in Judea. June 3, 2020
Jewish Settlers: ‘Trump’s plan could be good for us’

Some settlers in Asfar, Ma’aleh Amos not phased by enclave idea

WHO WILL rule this? Palestinians wave flags at traffic on Highway 1 leading to the Dead Sea
Could annexing Palestinian towns minus citizenship be apartheid?

There certainly cannot be any comparison to classic apartheid in South Africa where there was one country and the minority systematically suppressed the majority because of a racist ideology.

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