aroma espresso bar

Israel coffee

Why Starbucks never made it in Israel

Israeli consumers ordered a big cup of ‘no.’

'Israel Hayom' newspaper

cheaking and testing


Cafe in Jerusalem

Savir's Corner: People with whom I’d like to have a cup of coffee

To drink a cup of coffee with someone often implies a moment of relaxation, of intimacy; Outside one’s country, it is an occasion to observe people in a different cultural environment.

Winners accept awards at Technion last week.

Octogenarian, son-in-law claim prizes in Technion’s Techno Brain competition

Winners take prize with a homemade, screw-like device that manages to climb vertically on a rope and then dive down to raise a “space elevator.”

Gilad Schalit arrives from captivity

The Schalit precedent

Let us hope and pray that our boys are returned home as swiftly and safely as possible, but through the kind of colossal operation for which Israel used to be famous.

‘Moses on Mount Sinai’ by Jean-Léon Gérôme.

The covenant code and the Gate of Tishpak

Many of the commandments handed down at Sinai have parallels in Mesopotamian law, and this applies particularly to those in the Order of Mishpatim, whose regulations are referred to by scholars as the Covenant Code.

Aroma Tel Aviv

Aroma cafe branch in Tel Aviv suspected of poisoning local birds

Customer claims to have been told by staff that the cafe poisoned the birds deliberately; Peretz orders immediate investigation.

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