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Armageddon? Huge asteroid flying closer to Earth than the Moon - Watch

The asteroid 2021 EQ3 will pass closest above us at about 9:45 p.m. Monday night, at a distance of around 278,000 kilometers – 72% of the distance from the Earth to the Moon.

Members of JAXA collect Hayabusa2's capsule carrying the first extensive samples of an asteroid afte

Japan retrieves asteroid samples in hunt for origins of planets

"I hope this will shed light on how the solar system was formed and how water was brought to Earth."


Scientists value massive asteroid at $10,000 quadrillion

Despite its value, the asteroid cannot be brought back to Earth as it would likely destroy the planet and the market for iron.


NASA spacecraft grabs sample of rocks from asteroid 320m. km away

If a successful collection is confirmed, the spacecraft will journey back toward Earth, arriving in 2023.


Object set to enter Earth's gravity: is it an asteroid or just space junk?

The object was first discovered by a telescope in Hawaii in September, and was measured to be around 26 feet long - matching the estimated dimensions of the Centaur.

Asteroid to come close to Earth the day before US presidential election

The effect the asteroid would have on the US presidential election, however, is likely negligible.

Asteroid the size of Empire State Building "nears" earth this weekend

The asteroid is estimated to be 1,100 ft. in diameter, while the Empire State Building stands at approximately 1,400 ft. tall.


An asteroid, possibly the size of LAX, will fly by the Earth in April

The asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs was 10 km. in diameter, more than twice the length of this one.

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