Babylonian Talmud

 Iraqis celebrate after UNESCO designated ancient city of Babylon as World Heritage Site in July of

Is Babylon once again rising from the ashes?

First-person: There is growing evidence the Iraqi government is serious about rebuilding this ancient wonder of the world.

By Joel C. Rosenberg / All Arab News

Meet the TikTok star making Daf Yomi relatable for millennials, Gen Z

Miriam Anzovin is the millennial TikToker making Gemara more accessible on one of today's leading social media platforms.


Abnormal construction material discovered in Babylon - report

The material has supposed connections to Babylonia's Tower of Babel, the myth that supposedly explains why different languages exist.


World's oldest drawing of ghost discovered on Babylonian tablet - report

The drawing is approximately 3,500-years-old and presents a male ghost with his hands tied by a rope, being led by a woman.

Did dying on Rosh Hashanah make Ruth Bader Ginsburg a ‘tzaddika?’

“If you die at the end of the year, literally on the cusp, which is exactly when Ruth died, that means in a sense that you’re assured for that whole year because you’re one of the righteous people.”


The ashes of Jerusalem's biblical fall still show at dig near Old City

The researchers have been able to pin down the moment of the destruction to 586 BCE, when the Babylonians conquered Jerusalem and devastated its temple.

Hadran Alach – We Have Returned to You

"Hadran alach, ve’hadrach alan”, Aramaic for “We have returned to you and we will return to you, dear tractate, and you have returned to us and will return to us.”

First-ever International Talmud Quiz in Jerusalem, Dec. 2019

12 year-old Israeli wins First International Talmud Quiz

The competition was held for both parents and children at the Jerusalem Theater and was an initiative of the Talmud Israeli project.

Archaeological discovery helps prove Babylonian conquest of Israel

The current find is one of the oldest and perhaps the most prominent in its historical significance, as the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem is a major moment in Jewish history.

Rav Druckman with Mr. Kurt Rothschild..

Marathon Talmud study session unites national-religious community

Some of the most senior rabbis in the national religious community participated in the study session.

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