Balfour Declaration

Sunrise in the Negev

To whom was the Promised Land promised?

Israel has been consistently criticized for its occupation of the West Bank, east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, even though they were captured in a purely defensive war.

Did Resolution 181 create the State of Israel? - opinion

Israel’s true legal foundation can be traced to the Balfour Declaration and the international documents that it was incorporated into and that are still in effect today with respect to the West Bank.

Balfour Declaration

Balfour Day: Dynamics that accompanied famous declaration still at play - analysis

In 1917, the Balfour Declaration became the seminal document that led eventually to the establishment of the State of Israel.


1917: The birth of the Balfour Declaration

In photos of Arthur Balfour's face, I recognized the happiness he felt for writing the Balfour Declaration. Through those pictures, I can never forget him.


Balfour Declaration, Palestinian weaponization of post-colonial guilt - opinion

In the long history of the British Empire, there were many occurrences over which modern-day Brits are justifiably ashamed. The Balfour Declaration does not fall into that category.


The Balfour Declaration rekindles hope - opinion

How it really was! I discovered the Balfour Declaration… It rekindles hope!

Online event marks 101 years since San Remo Conference

Pro-Israel advocacy groups Im Tirtzu, Canadians for Israel's Legal Rights and the Zionist Organization of America hosted the event which included discussions and greetings from leading Jewish figures

A protest against Balfour Declaration, in Gaza City November 2, 2017.

Britain is being sued for the Balfour Declaration in PA courts

The historically important document appears to not have had as much power as the suit claims.

Arthur James Balfour

Should Jews celebrate Balfour Day?

The declaration was the culmination during WWI of a year of continuous negotiations between the Zionist movement and the British government.

Lord Balfour's writing desk. Museum of the Jewish People, Tel Aviv.

Anniversary of Balfour Declaration: Remembering Arthur James Balfour

Thank you Britain for your Balfour Declaration – Chag Balfour Sameach!

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