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DataRails closes $50M in Series B, continuing Cloud-tech’s progress

The financial planning and analysis company’s successful round showcases the continued importance and interest in cloud-based solutions.

Big-data analyses of animal movements can help environment - Israeli-led study

A review by an Israeli scientist of eight technologies used to track animals in the wild found that their combination can create big datasets which can then be used for the good of the environment.

Pecan AI raises $66 million in Series C funding round

Pecan is disrupting the analytics industry with its low-code predictive modeling, which brings ease-of-use to predictive analytical models.

Are we outsourcing our brains? - opinion

There are countless more examples where learning models have proven to impact real-world systems in a very positive way. But are there some “side effects” that should concern us?


Israeli Big Data unicorn Bright Data, is breaking down barriers of public web space

Big Data company Bright Data uses tools that allow companies to view large public data sets and condensing them into actionable insights.

Hillel's Tech Corner: POMICELL predicts patient treatment compatibility

POMICELL utilizes AI to create virtual molecular models of real-life patients in order to simulate personalized drug reactions.

An information analyst works in front of a screen showing a near real-time map tracking cyber threat

Subtle cyberattack met by swift cybersecurity acts

Data is the new oil, computer expert Dr. Reuven Lerner said.


Entrepreneur Matt Mahvi talks about the future of cyber security

The whole of society is moving online. All facets of our everyday life are being slowly digitalized.

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