black plague

How did we face epidemics before the age of vaccines?

From the lepers in the Bible to the victims of the Plague and the Spanish flu – the main tools to combat contagious diseases were isolations and lockdowns.

By Dr. Keren Landsman/Davidson Institute of Science Education
Cartoon rats (Illustrative)

What can rats teach us in a time of pandemic?

Though rat bites can cause a nasty condition called hantavirus, we are healthy, thank God a million times, but our furry frenemies? They are with us.


Inner Mongolia village quarantined after plague patient dies

The city has also put the district where the village is located on the second-lowest alert level on its four-level system for plague response until the end of the year.


Squirrel in Colorado tests positive for bubonic plague

The plague is still found worldwide, but has mostly been found in animals.


Long-forgotten Viking mountain pass found in Norway following glacier melt

Due to global warming, high-elevation ice patches and glaciers have recently yielded a myriad of historical finds for archaeologists to discover.

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