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Historical treasure hunters find Scottish soldier's tag from World War II in Hadera

A team of volunteers interested in finding historical items and sending them back to museums uncovered tags for a Scottish soldier who served in British Mandate Palestine during WWII.

November 29: Anti-Israel clichés and the 1947 UN vote - analysis

What matters today is that every year on November 29, one of the latest in vogue narratives about 1947 and Israel’s creation is that it was a “settler colonial” enterprise.

On This Day: 75 years since UN vote to turn Palestine into Jewish, Arab states

In later years, the date would also become known as the annual International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.


Israel's forgotten sulfur quarry in the Negev

In 1929, during British mandate, an officer who was a geologist found a large percentage of mineral sulfur that was on the soft soil of Bitronot Beeri.


The historic story of Beit Shalom, a boutique hotel in Metula

The hotel, designated for couples, is a blend of East and West in both décor and cuisine. Miriam Hod: “This place breathes history, and our mission is to preserve it.”


‘The Mandate,’ royal drama, ‘White Lotus’ - what's new on Israeli TV

This fascinating series features analysis by Jewish, Arab and British historians and archival footage from the era.

Israeli archaeologists reveal cache of guns Arabs used against British

The weapons cache, which included the remains of around 100 guns, will be presented at a special conference for police officers and archaeologists.

Rosh Hashanah: What was the Jewish New Year like in 1945?

The atomic bombs had been dropped in August 1945. World War II had officially ended. What was this Rosh Hashanah like for the Jewish people?


Emunah: Zionist women providing support in Israel for over 80 years

The Zionist religious women’s organization’s accomplishments in Israel have taken many forms over the years, since it was established over 80 years ago.


On This Day: 75 years since Exodus 1947 took 4,500 European Jews to Israel

More than 60 ships attempted to take illegal Jewish immigrants to Mandatory Palestine during Aliyah Bet with mixed results. But Exodus 1947 was the largest,

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