A woman suffers stomach pains or cramps (Illustrative)

Why does alcohol make us pee a lot?

Our body has some very smart features, but there are some mechanical problems. One is the need to pee a lot after drinking a glass of beer.

By Dr. Liora Berzag Peru/Walla!
Sleep disorder

An end to insomnia? This secret food will help you sleep better at night

Sleep experts explain what foods are the best sources of selenium, which is lacking in people suffering from insomnia.

  Cup of coffee

This is why so many people have a cigarette with their morning coffee

Smoking disgusts many people, yet many smokers start their day with a cup of coffee and a cigarette. A new study researched why people feel that this is an ideal combination.

By Walla!
  Coffee with milk

Do you take your coffee like this? It may help you live longer - study

A new study has found that those who drink coffee with sugar or unsweetened less likely to die in the following seven years than those who don't drink coffee at all.

ETHIOPIA WAS the first provider and exporter of coffee beans, to Yemen.

How do you drink your coffee? One type can prolong your life

Drinking three cups of coffee a day is good for your heart but only if you drink the right kind. A huge study has some important insights regarding your drinking habits.

By Walla!

How do you want your coffee? New exhibit pays homage to Jerusalem cafés

With its literary roots, and paving stone floor, Tmol Shilshom is a worthy custodian – albeit temporary – of a blast from a more genteel past.

  Cup of coffee

New study finds: Coffee helps protect your heart

How does coffee affect your heart? A new study has found how many cups of coffee you should drink a day to keep your heart going

By Walla!

Ibuprofen, bezafibrate and caffeine found in Israeli milk

While concentration levels of the substances found in the milk are relatively low, they are still reason for concern, according to a new Israeli study.

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