Two Israelis save injured camel in trunk of their car

On the way near Nahal Chaver, Chagai Tal and his friend Shachar found a group of Bedouins spreading out a blanket for a wounded camel that was apparently hurt in a rock slide.

By Walla!

The farmer who went from agriculture to hi-tech culture

Shlomo Glikman is a full-stack developer for the fintech firm Capitolis. But just five years ago, he was a camel rancher with little-to-no technical experience.

Women camel-owners participate for first time in pageant in Saudi Arabia

Women still struggle to obtain equal rights in the kingdom and have faced discrimination under 'guardianship laws.'

Santa Claus gift delivery mission saved by Jerusalem camel

"Sometimes, life is a steep climb, but the key is to get over the humps."

 Issa Kassissieh, wearing a Santa Claus costume, rides a camel during the annual Christmas tree dist

Forget Miss Universe: Saudi camel beauty contest queens banned over Botox

The King Abdulaziz Festival for camels began earlier this month, but some contestants for the most beautiful camel have already been disqualified for cheating.

Llama lying down

COVID-19: Llama, camel antibodies could be used as nasal spray treatment - study

This peer-reviewed study builds off previous studies that determined nanobodies produced by llamas, alpacas and camels could be used to fight coronavirus.

A police officer patrols the Giza Pyramids on his camel on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt

Unusual Middle East Sports Create Sense of National Identity

Soccer is still king, but sports like camel racing and – yes – dead-goat polo maintain a link with cultural history.

Camel British prog-rock band

Camel is no rock dinosaur

The British prog-rock band will perform in Binyamina


January 24,2018: Battle of the sexes in the IDF

What do you think the probable result would be if a woman were introduced into a tank crew?

A camel suffering from an embedded chain.

PETA VP calls on Israeli residents to avoid Petra

The travel advisory came after an investigation by PETA detailed 1,300 donkeys, camels, mules and horses showing signs of abuse from beatings, exhaustion and chains embedded into their skin.

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